Teleworking prioritizes new investments in companies in 2021

The crisis caused by COVID-19 has completely changed the business landscape and as a result the tools that will now need to be used will be different

BY RRHHDigital, 02:45 – 13 January 2021

The COVID-19 crisis has taken the personal and professional lives of thousands of people to 180 years. In 2021, teleworking and the hybrid working format have been installed in companies and with this comes the need to adapt to the new reality with an improvement in work tools. Kingston Technology, an independent global leader in memory products and technology solutions, dismisses the main challenge companies will face in 2021: investing in providing better technology equipment for their workers.

Improvements to work teams

By 2021, laptops will need more power and more memory to handle the volume of work wherever the employee is. This is why updating resources such as DRAM memories or SSD units will be essential for companies, which will avoid having to replace work equipment entirely.

Optimize security techniques

In connection with technological development and the introduction of teleworking in many companies, new vulnerabilities have appeared in addition to a huge new wave of cyber attacks. According to data from a Kingston survey, 79% of organizations only allocate 7% or less of the IT department to optimize these security techniques. Based on these results, it is clear that one of the biggest challenges for 2021 for Spanish businesses will be data protection.

In this sense, artificial intelligence will also play a prominent role given its expected growth for the coming years, changing aspects of cybersecurity, as access points increase exponentially. Therefore, another challenge for this year will be dealing with the security that AI needs and the need to cover the growing increase in data generated through more storage capacity in data centers.

“The crisis caused by COVID-19 has completely changed the landscape for businesses around the world and, for this reason, the tools that will now need to be used will be different. An increase in files and documents in the cloud, the need for laptops with greater capacity to cope with the hybrid work format, the growth of AI and most importantly, the improvement of cybersecurity in the face of the ‘increase in cyber attacks, have made the investment focused on these key points,’ says Pedro Gonzlez, business developer from Kingston, Spain.

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