teleworking, virtual training, companies without a boss, robot colleagues …


Five keys to the immediate future of the working world: teleworking, virtual training, companies without a boss, robot colleagues …

BY RRHHDigital, 12:15 – 26 October 2020

Offshored work, teleworking, virtuality …; it’s all here to stay. The bosses think that people who telework will be less efficient, that their work will not be supervised, that it will be impossible to coordinate the team, … None of this has happened. Communication networks are working very well, the vast majority of employees are highly responsible, coordination and supervision is working better than before and productivity is increasing.

This discovery brings several very specific changes associated with it. Once it has been proven that this way of working is possible, it cannot be considered as an alternative. How are we going to deal with traffic jams an hour to get to work, if they are not needed? Why am I going to another city to have a meeting? Why am I going to do two-hour face-to-face meetings, if they are half of the time from a distance? Why do I want a building in the company where we can all move in at the same time, if it needs to be partially empty most of the time.

In the words of Gonzalo Martnez de Miguel, CEO and Director of INFOVA’s Executive Talent Accelerator, “why am I going to hire a talent from my own city, if the talent is working online. In fact, this This situation is a great opportunity for the self-employed, who have seen the relocation work multiply their natural market “.

Companies without a boss. Holocracy. There will be bosses, managers, coordinators … change the nomenclature, but there will always be a functional hierarchy in organizations. Another thing is that the figure of the boss is being redefined, which tends to give more autonomy to the employees. We will have fewer people working on dictation. New structures of collaboration among equals will also emerge, where no one will be the boss of anyone. But it already exists. The boss will be the client and each professional decides which other professionals he feels comfortable working with and in which projects he wants to get involved. Companion robots. It’s going to robotize and automate as much as possible, but we’ll see a tendency to humanize businesses and relationships. Robots are machines that will be part of the environment, like computers and mobiles today. “They will make predefined decisions depending on the circumstances, but they will not come to the kitchen to congratulate you on your birthday and share an aperitif,” explains Martnez de Miguel. Sessions of 4 days a week. The shift will be 4 days. We will also see that the day, or the day, will cease to be the unit of measurement of work. We will have a job to do and a deadline. As long as you do, you will not be participating in the conversation. But what we’re going to see now is that we are going to be working a few days a week and the rest of the time we will be working from home. Parity of women in management positions. It will happen because of the dynamics of the times we live in. In addition, teleworking opens up opportunities for reconciling and managing one’s own agenda, which can be an opportunity for many people. At the same time, you run the risk of not being able to separate personal time and working time. Project work and team rotation. Many workers will be project-based, part of teams created specifically and dismantled once the project is complete. Who is your boss in one project, could be your collaborator in the next one, which will change the collaborator of the boss of relationship. All of this will force us to change legislation and working habits.

“In a very short time, people will be working part of their time in their places of rest, in their houses on the coast, in the city or in the countryside. If we bring a good internet connection to empty Spain, we will have solved the problem of depopulation, ”concludes the CEO of INFOVA.

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