temple of the Egyptian queen neit found: priceless “treasure” found in the ancient temple of the queen in Egypt, a secret will be revealed from a mystery book thousands of years old? – Egyptian archaeologists found the sarcophogi book of the dead scroll in the temple of ancient Egyptian queen Neit

The Queen’s priceless treasure can be found in an ancient temple in Egypt, a land of mysterious pyramids. Archaeologists believe that this temple belongs to Rani Neet, who was the wife of King Teti who reigned from 2323 BCE to 2150 BCE. The temple was discovered by a team of archaeologists from Sakkara cemetery south of Cairo, led by former Egyptian minister and renowned archaeologist Zahi Hawas.

This team of archaeologists also found 52 wooden coffins. All of them belong to the New Kingdom period and lie at a depth of 40 feet. Apart from this, a 13-foot-long banquet was found at this location, in which the Book of the Dead was written. In ancient Egypt, the dead were sent to another world (underworld) through this book. Havas said archaeologists have found burial sites, coffins and mummies that date back to the New Kingdom. The New Kingdom ruled Egypt from 1570 BCE to 1069 BCE.

There are more than a dozen pyramids in the Sakkara region of Egypt and there is an animal burial place. It has been classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Havas said work had been going on for a decade near Titi’s pyramid. He said that this temple was discovered near the pyramid of Raja Teti where the king was buried. The Sakkara site is part of Memphis, the capital of ancient Egypt. In this world are the pyramids of the famous Giza.

The remains of Memphis have UNESCO heritage site status. In recent times, Egypt has introduced many finds to the world and during this Corona period it is expected that the number of tourists will increase. Previously, 100 coffins had been found in November. They were around 2,500 years old. At that time, the Minister of Tourism said that everything was not out of Sakkara yet. Havas said this latest discovery should provide new insight into the history of Sakkara during the New Kingdom.

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