Ten digital tools to improve the productivity of teleworking

In recent weeks, we have seen more and more countries in Europe revert to different types of lockdown. This implies that companies and workers also return to remote work. A model that, due to current circumstances, has managed to consolidate its position in 2020, as the best way to maintain the economic activity of countries and reduce the risk of contagion. In fact, more and more large companies consider that their employees can choose whether or not they want to work remotely permanently.

In general, there are advantages to telecommuting, but there are also some employees who may find it difficult to stay productive. Therefore, from the online education community Crehana, they have selected 10 digital tools that help workers improve their productivity when working remotely:

Organization of tasks.

Trello – Through cards, lists, and boards, Trello allows users to organize and prioritize projects based on the business task schedule. Additionally, it allows adding comments, attachments or expiration dates on cards and can be integrated into the workflow of other apps like Google Drive, Jira or Slack.

Asana: This tool helps teams to manage their tasks according to the daily goals, projects and work assigned to them. Each workflow can be planned in detail and structured by setting priorities and deadlines. Plus, you can see task status at all times to make sure teams are focused on the same goal.

Online communication.

Slack: This platform, born to replace email, allows you to organize messages through channels, creating organized spaces for a specific project or task. It also helps prioritize conversations and file sharing on the platform, which can also sync with Google Drive. Plus, it includes emojis and gifs that help make messages with teams motivating and spontaneous.

Google Meet. Video calling through this Google platform is easy and fast thanks to its speed and stability. Plus, it can be synced with the rest of the Google apps. It allows up to 250 participants and records video calls for those who could not attend to see them. In addition, you can share the screen, send files and communicate via chat.

Store information.

Google Drive. This tool allows teams to map all files, be able to access them from anywhere, in addition to saving and sharing them with whoever we want. The free version has 15 GB, although Google Drive offers a paid version for companies where they only pay for the space used by their employees.

Amazon Web Services (AWS). Amazon also has a cloud service to manage the tasks of small, medium, and large businesses and provides the ability to scale as the business grows. AWS offers services in cloud computing, databases, virtual networks, business applications such as Amazon WorkMail, and storage and content managers to manage all the data needed and pay only for what we use.

Customer management.

Kayako. This program links support channels, each customer’s information and the team that manages it. Besides, it has various features like problem auditing, communication panel and recurring issues.

Drift: This is a conversational marketing platform that offers a chat option to chat with users who visit our website and convert them to leads. By offering a real-time conversation, rather than a form, you create a better shopping experience. Additionally, with Drift, we can automatically segment and convert visitors into leads.

Password management.

Dashlane Through this web application, we can access our encrypted and stored data on any device or browser. We may view and change the passwords, secure notes, personal information, and payment methods that we have saved. In addition, it offers the service of identity protection, identity monitoring and has a virtual private network (VPN) to maintain privacy.

Lastpass With this tool we can manage the authentication, access and identity of all online activities carried out by the company. We can manage passwords, which reduces risk and improves team productivity.

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