Tension between China and the Philippines: mass of US Navy and Chinese Navy carrier groups in the South China Sea: US Navy and Chinese Navy warships face to face in the South China Sea

The Philippines and the United States will lead joint maneuvers amid the escalating waters of the South China Sea. Just a few days ago, two attack groups of US Navy aircraft carriers conducted maneuvers in the presence of the Chinese aircraft carrier. Meanwhile, the image of the Chinese aircraft carrier taken from an American warship is also going very viral on social media. The Philippines and the United States conduct a military exercise called Balikatan every year, but it was canceled last year due to the corona virus outbreak.

The armies of the two countries will conduct a joint exercise
Philippine Army Lt. Gen. Cirlito Sobjana said the South China Sea will conduct a Balikatan maneuver with the US military for the next two weeks. Meanwhile, the armies of both countries will learn the ropes of counterinsurgency and relief and rescue operations. Explain that the United States also has a military base in the Philippines. It is said that 700 American soldiers and 1,300 Filipino soldiers will take part in this exercise.

The Minister of Defense of the United States and the Philippines spoke
Two days earlier, US Defense Minister Lloyd Austin had had a telephone conversation with Filipino Defense Minister Dallin Lorenzana. After that, the two countries announced a joint exercise. According to the Pentagon, the two leaders have had intense discussions over rising tensions in the South China Sea and the threat posed by China’s man-made islands. Apart from this, the two countries also agreed to increase gasoline consumption in this area.

Missile Brahmos: The Philippines will be equipped with the gunpowder from the BrahMos, the dragon will be killed in the South China Sea!
Tension with China on the Whiteson Reef
There has been controversy in China and the Philippines over the Whiteson Reef for decades. China claims the entire South China Sea, which also includes the Whiteson Reef. At the same time, the Philippines describes this reef as an integral part of their country. A few days ago, around 250 ships from China were spotted near the Whiteson Reef, which belong to the China People’s Liberation Army militia.

Big shock to China’s plans, US military base will remain in the Philippines
China captured the Philippine reef
A government watchdog at the disputed maritime border said Chinese-flagged vessels, including four Chinese Navy vessels, were intended for shipping and protecting marine life aboard the inhabited island of China and that threatened coral reefs could reach. . At the same time, it is also a threat to the sovereign rights of the Philippines. While China has declared that the respective sea zone belongs to it and Chinese ships stay there to avoid the bad maritime situation.

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