Tension in Ayuso campaign act in Parla after some neighbors stormed in favor of public education

Published: Monday April 12 2021 19:30

A group of parents of students performed in moments of tension in Parla moments before the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, performed there in a campaign event.

National police officers have appeared in the city to summon neighbors who have come to the place where the “popular” candidate appears to be calling for the creation of a public institute in the city.

One of the protesters demanded in front of LaSexta cameras the construction of a public institute in the city, while participants in the event urged him to leave.

In a statement, AMPA of IES Humanejos asks that the future José Pedro Pérez Lloranca institute be built and regrets the delay in its creation: “We demand urgent construction. We cannot allow our children to take away class hours, to have to share the facilities with another institute, ”he explains.

AMPA speaks of an “overwhelmed” situation which represents a serious problem for local students: “We have a problem with public education; Parla has been suffering for many years due to the negligence of the Community of Madrid with the ‘education in our city’.

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