Tensions on China-Myanmar border: China now claims Myanmar land, undeclared barbed wire, stress

After occupying the land of India, Nepal, the Chinese dragon is now eyeing the land of Myanmar. China threw barbed wire along the border with the state of Myanmar, which the Myanmar military opposed. The Myanmar military strongly opposed the installation of a cable, writing a letter to the Chinese authorities. China has started installing this wire in the town of Laukki near the border.

Burmese newspaper Irrawaddy reported that the country’s military spokesman, Major General Joo Min Tun, said that China began closing near post number BP-125 on Sunday. Given the threat of the Corona virus, China has launched a campaign against illegal infiltration along the border with Myanmar in these days. Major Tun said, “The local battalion has sent a letter of objection to the Chinese side. We raised this objection on the basis of the 1961 border treaty.

The provisions of this treaty stipulate that no structure may be built within 10 meters of the boundary. China halted construction after the Myanmar military objected. Burmese officials attended and spoke to the Chinese construction team. China claimed it was building a fence to prevent entry of people illegally.

On the other hand, locals, on condition of anonymity, said that if one side wants to close the border, they should let the other side know in advance. On the other hand, Shan State Member of Parliament Sai Toon Aye said the unilateral decision to close China shows the power imbalance between the two countries. He said China behaves like a cheap neighbor.

Toon said, “Our country is weak on all sides. We have always experienced this kind of Chinese Dadagiri. Earlier in 2018, the border dispute between China and Myanmar erupted in Shan State. China often fences and buries Chinese flag posts in this area without being told. In January 2019, the Chinese military uprooted the Myanmar flag.

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