Terra Platform will make the jump to Azure thanks to a Google company

The Terra platform or Terra Platform is actively used by thousands of researchers every month. The aim is to analyze the data of millions of participants in major scientific research projects. Microsoft today announced a partnership with the Broad Institute at MIT and Harvard and an Alphabet company (Verily) to integrate the Terra platform into the Azure cloud. The most significant change is that Terra Platform was previously only available on Google Cloud and will now have Azure.

Microsoft will support Terra Platform with Azure and Machine Learning

In addition to supporting the Terra platform on Azure, Microsoft is also joining Verily and Broad as a partner for the development and operation of the Terra platform. Microsoft will dedicate software engineering resources to the further development of Terra. In addition to putting its Machine Learning experience at the service of scientific advances via Terra. Support adoption in clinical settings. It is not in vain that they have more than 168,000 health organizations.

Through this new partnership, companies will accelerate Terra’s vision for health and life science research by:

Expansion of Terra’s open, modular and interoperable research platform, with the addition of cloud, artificial intelligence and data technologies from Microsoft Azure, as well as global capabilities Increase Terra’s accessibility to more than 168,000 healthcare and life sciences organizations partners with Microsoft worldwide Enable secure and authenticated access to distributed data warehouses through collaborative workspaces Enable access to a portfolio of open and proprietary tools based on standards, best practice workflows and APIs Enable federated data analytics to discover insights and build new analytical and predictive models, while ensuring patient privacy. Create a secure and transparent flow to accelerate delivery of data and information between research and clinical domains Use the API of open components and modula ires to advance the biomedical data ecosystem. Standards-based in line with the open, compliant and secure approach to data developed by Data Biosphere and responsible technical policies and standards. Those established by the Global Alliance for Genomics and Health

Enthusiasm at Terra Platform with your new partner

“More generally, we are very excited about Microsoft’s deep expertise in a number of complementary areas. From scalable computing, to artificial intelligence, through the connection with health systems. There are endless opportunities for us to improve Terra Platform. To better meet the needs of the thousands of researchers who already entrust their work to us. And the countless who will come to participate in the biomedical data ecosystem through Terra as a result of this partnership. If you are one of them, we can’t wait to see the incredible progress you make, ”wrote Geraldine Van der Auwera of Team Terra.

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