Terrorist attack in Vienna Latest news: 7 people killed in fierce terrorist attack in Vienna, police in action to search for runaway terrorist – Terrorist attack in Vienna near synagogue many people killed police in action for taking the escape

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Terrorists armed with deadly guns in Vienna on Monday evening at 6 locations, gruesome local media said that to date at least 7 people have been killed in the attack and many police injured in the counterattack. And Tejviana, a terrorist on the run
In the Austrian capital of Vienna, murderous terrorists armed with rifles violently attacked 6 locations on Monday evening. Local police said at least 7 people have been killed and many injured in the attack to date. A suspect was killed in retaliation from the police. Police also took vigorous action after the terrorist attack. The attack in Vienna happened just before the Corona virus lockdown. Police surrounded a suspected terrorist.

It is said that the first attack took place near a synagogue around 8 p.m. local time. The attackers were armed with lethal rifles. It is said that a terrorist is still at large and that the police surrounded the whole city to catch him. A very strict investigation is underway at the border. Not only that, the children were advised not to come to school on Tuesday.

Police said a suspected assailant was killed. However, two ordinary citizens were also killed in action. A policeman is also shot dead and his condition is critical. The mayor of Vienna reported that Michael Ludwig said 15 people had been admitted to hospital. The condition of 7 of these people is critical. Police said activists opened fire in a total of 6 locations.

The synagogue fired at least 50 shots
According to Austrian media, Syngog had at least 50 laps. Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz called it a disgusting terrorist attack. Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz said we are going through difficult times in our country. Our police will find the perpetrators of this hideous terrorist attack. We will never bow to terror and we will fight this battle anyway.

The chancellor says that while the police are engaged in anti-terrorist operations, on the other hand, the army has been deployed to the safety of important buildings. In Vienna, people were invited to stay at home. There was a call to stay away from public places and not to use public transportation. Outside of Vienna, raids are carried out in many regions.

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