terrorist vienna isis syria: the viennese attacker wants to join the Islamic state, know the complete horoscope of the terrorist – the viennese attacker wants to join isis in syria all about the terrorist kujtim fejzulai

The terrorist who carried out a Mumbai-like attack on the Austrian capital Vienna wanted to travel to Syria and join the infamous terrorist organization ISIS. However, he was unable to do so due to his inability to attack. The attacker was identified as Kuztim Phasejulai. Recently, this 20-year-old terrorist was released from prison due to his young age. According to local media, 7 people have died and 17 others have been injured in this attack so far.

Earlier Monday evening, an assailant Kujtim Fejjulai launched a fierce fire with an assault rifle near a synagogue around 8 p.m. He wore a belt full of fake explosives. Vienna’s Interior Minister Karl Nehammer said the shooter had been identified as Kuztim Phasejulai. He is an Austrian and North Macedonian citizen. He said Kuztim Fejzulai attempted to travel to Syria to join ISIS and was then sent to prison in April 2019.

He was quickly released due to his young age
Karl said Kuztim Fejjulai was released early due to his young age. Not only that, the police also said that Kujtim was unable to attack. In the meantime, a comprehensive search operation has been launched in Vienna to search for another suspected terrorist and 1,000 security personnel have been deployed there. Explain that the attackers had fired hundreds of shots with an assault rifle at at least 6 locations in the city.

“It looks like a terrorist attack,” Nehammer told government broadcaster ORF. They said the attackers were armed with guns. The army was urged to protect important places in the city so that the police could pursue the attackers. Vienna’s Jewish community leader Oscar Doych said the shooting took place in the street outside the city’s main Jewish synagogue, but it is not clear whether the attack was aimed at the worshiper .

“ Shoot at least 100 bullets outside the building ”
Deutsche tweeted that the synagogue was closed at the time. Eyewitness Rabbi Sclomo Hofmister said he saw a person sitting outside the bar on the street. He said at least 100 bullets were fired outside our building. He also said that all of the bars have tables outside. It was the evening just before the lockdown went into effect. Hofmeister said that at midnight all bars and restaurants in Austria would be closed for the next month and many people wanted to move.

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