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A lukewarm shower after sweating or hot after a cold winter’s day always saves you money! But as we have often written to you, the bathroom is one of the rooms in which the most plastic waste is generated!

We were able to test the new range of certified organic shower gels PURE. Not only are the ingredients they are made of that are of natural origin and grown in France. But what’s more, the bottles are made from recycled and recyclable plastic! If you really can’t do without a liquid shower gel, maybe these are the right ones for you?

PUR what is it?

The brand’s new range enriches it with five new fragrances of natural origin. These fragrances have been carefully selected from a group of 26 fragrances by perfumers from Grasse (06). As an expert in bio and ecology since 1985, PURE has acted in the cosmetics world with “meaning and consistency”, its guiding principle!

The new range is manufactured in the Maine et Loire laboratory. All formulas are labeled with Cosmos Organic. They are therefore all made with 100% natural fragrances and organic plant extracts made in France. By choosing ingredients grown on French soil, Pure works with local producers. This also guarantees the traceability of the products used.

Recycled packaging, reasonable prices

If the bottles in the new series are transparent, it is simply because they are made from recycled plastic. Pure uses old water or soda bottles to make new bottles that are 100% recycled and 100% recyclable.

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Always in order to save money and material, Pure has decided to offer these shower gels in 2L format! The 250ml and 750ml formats, of course, but buying a 2L can inevitably mean reducing your plastic consumption. By adding suitable pumps, which can be purchased separately, we only use the required dose! In terms of price, it remains perfectly accessible and Pure also manages to reduce the liter price for the formats 750 ml and 2l by 14%.

Where can I buy PURE products?

Pure is also another shopping system! You will not find these products in supermarkets or on the Internet! The two ways to get them are:

On the Pure website By a house consultant who organizes presentation meetings and bulk orders. Another way to reduce the environmental impact through grouped orders. Find an advisor near you or become one from elsewhere!

The new Pure range:

Zeste de Fraîcheur: invigorating and fresh for a dynamic awakening! Original organic mint and organic lemon oil, stimulates the body in no time! Secret de Lotus: flowery and soft, a noticeably relaxing effect. Organic water lily flowers and herbal wash base for a relaxing shower after a hard day. Velvet care: sun, cuddle and cocooning touch. It protects the skin from dryness thanks to organic sweet almonds and orange blossoms! A delight this one. Fruity sweetness for this 2 in 1 product (shower gel and shampoo). The family product for the whole family! The shampoo also acts as a detangling agent, which is useful in reducing the number of products used. Neutral, for everyone who prefers a fragrance-free shower gel.

What we think of the Pure range

Our favorite is “Fruity Sweetness”, the scent is sublime, and the side of a single product, washing it all, has got us. It does not attack the skin and makes the hair soft and easy to detangle afterwards.

Photo credit: Nathalie for Neozone

Of course, we appreciate that the bottles are recyclable, which does not burden nature a little more with incinerable bottles. In normal times we are a big fan of solid products, but we make an exception with this range, as it meets all of the requirements that are important to us.

Ecologically made from French products. Ingredients of plant origin. Not tested on animals

A pleasant discovery and a network of consultants that needs to be built, for example to further reduce the environmental impact of home deliveries! A good initiative!

Pleasant smells

Recycled and Recyclable Containers

Small product to be effective

Discover quickly!

Products that do not harm the skin, the environment or your wallet! What more ?

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