Texas animal cruelty: Texas pet owners abandon pets amid cold weather: Texas pet owners release pets

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Explosions in the Texas arctic created a scramble to escape the cold of Khoramkadke, people leave most troubled animals except pets in such a situation.
Such a record winter is rarely seen in the United States of Texas. Electricity has stagnated due to the cold and people are forced to cool down in the cold. At a time when pain needs to be understood the most, people’s cruel faces have started to appear. The pets here were left as they were, which caused them pain in the winter. In one of these cases, upon the death of a dog, the administration took strict action against its owner while volunteers work day and night to save the lives of others.

6 dogs released, one dead
The SPCA, which has prevented animal cruelty, reported that 6 dogs have been released outside a store here. One of them died. Snow had accumulated on him. The Company also found a very sick dog in association with the Houston Police Department. The SPCA investigator says that in such a cold winter, you can’t leave your pets outside in their condition. Five dogs have been sent to the veterinary house and their owners will be heard.

This crime will not be tolerated
The Harris County Anmil Cruelty Task Force recovered eight dogs and a boar. A person named Barton Ray Wike has been arrested and a case of animal cruelty has been recorded. The animals were taken to the Houston Humane Society where they were treated. Constable Ted Heap of County 5 has said it is a crime to leave animals outside in freezing temperatures. Zoro’s policy of tolerance is adopted when considering these reports.

Volunteers running to save animals
These days in Texas, due to the Arctic Blast, it is so cold that the aquarium water inside a house has frozen over. The fish that lived there also died. The volunteers try to save the animals. Teams have arrived on the state’s south coast to rescue the sea turtles. A nonprofit sanctuary named Primarly Primates reported that 12 animals, including monkeys, lemurs and a chimpanzee, were killed when they arrived to save the animals at a 78-acre property.

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