Text predictions will arrive in Word during the month of March

Artificial intelligence is present in many more elements than we realize every day. It helps us in tasks such as organizing our schedule or tasks. However, something as simple as applying it to the quintessential text editor, Microsoft Word, was not yet available. Now we know that the text predictions, which we used on our smartphone, will arrive in Microsoft Word in March. Of course, at the moment it will only be available in English and we’ll have to wait to be able to use it in Spanish.

Word will start helping us with writing starting in March

Word will start suggesting the text we want to write next based on the context and how machine learning is used. This feature is intended to help us save time when writing our documents. In addition, you want to help us eliminate spelling and grammar mistakes.

Being machine learning-based, it is not a fixed service, but it will improve and evolve over time. In this way, the recommendations will evolve and adapt to our writing style.

To work with this new function, we just need to start writing in Word and the predictions will happen as we type. To accept the suggestion, we need to press the Tab key and the ESC key to reject it. Something extremely simple but which will enhance our texts and give us a much better result when writing them.

The reality is, this feature took longer than it should, but, if in return it comes in very polite and offers us great convenience, that delay is accepted. Writing texts is of the utmost importance in most cases and having an ally in Word itself gives the text a very good foundation. Now we can only wait to see how it works and that it arrives in Spanish soon.

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