Thai fisherman vomits: Thai fisherman finds whale vomiting: Thai fisherman vomits well

A Thai fisherman has found a strange treasure. In fact, they found the vomit fish (Ambergris) fish in the sea, which can cost over Rs 2 crore. Ambergris is considered a treasure of the sea and is not underestimated by gold. In fact, it contains an odorless alcohol which is used to retain the smell of the perfume for a long time.

Coin showing
This seven kilogram coin was found by Chaleramchai Mahapan on the Samila coast of Songkhla province. He said he was going to put a trap in the sea but had to come back when the weather changed. When he started to dock his boat, he saw this piece. At first they thought it was a common rock, but after looking closely at it, they realized that there might be something special about it. He said, “I didn’t know what it was until the village elders told me it was vomit from the well.”

Thailand: Fisherman’s hands hit the “ treasure of the sea ”, Vel’s vomit costs ₹ 25 crore!
When it melted on fire, it became clear that Chaleramchai had precious treasure in his hands. It was also confirmed after it was sent to the lab. Now Chaleramchai is waiting for his price which can be 24.5 pounds per kg. They say they are in no rush to sell it and an agent will bring in international buyers for it.

Why is it so expensive?
A special element comes out inside the body of well fish. According to some theories, with the help of this, the semen melts its food well, while some claim that it is present in the stool from the well. Ambergris is a solid flammable element similar to wax. It is light gray or black in color. It is used in the perfume industry. The alcohol it contains is used to make expensive branded perfumes. With its help, the smell of perfume can be preserved for a long time. For this reason, its price is extremely high. Even scientists have called it floating gold.

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