Thai man stuck ring on his penis: to appease his girlfriend

What people don’t do to make their girlfriends happy on Valentine’s Day, but a case in Thailand is going to make history. A Thai man wore a ring on his penis to be more attractive in front of his girlfriend. This approach of this cynical lover has become a crisis for his life. Ashik’s private part was swollen and had to be taken to hospital.

Doctors used bolt cutters to cut the ring stuck in her private part. Aashiq told emergency services that he wears this ring to raise Penis so that his girlfriend will be happy on Valentine’s Day. The victim Aashiq is from Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, and doctors have not released his name.

“ It was so swollen it looked like it hadn’t exploded ”
There are many products on the market to enhance the private part but Aashiq extracts and carries a 3cm bolt from his toolbox. She used baby oil and lubricant to carry this bolt. Friday she wore this ring and the next day there was a swell in her private part. He found that there was swelling in the private area.

The victim went to great lengths to get Bolt out of his private area, but without success. Finally, the victim had to call emergency services on Sunday evening. In this way, Bolt was trapped in his private area for two days. After leaving the ring, the victim said: ‘I was afraid my private part would have to be cut. There was so much swelling it seemed to burst. Now, after removing the ring, the accused breathed a sigh of relief.

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