Thai Navy Sailor Wins Hearts Online After Saving Cats From Sinking Ship: Thai Navy Saves Cats From Sinking Ship

The Thai Navy has carried out a massive rescue operation to rescue cats trapped in a sinking ship in Thailand. Images of Thai naval officers’ dilemma to rescue animals trapped on a sinking ship in the Andaman Sea are now going viral on social media. Users praise this operation from the Thai Navy for the protection of animals.

The people on the ship had escaped leaving the cat
According to some sources, four cats were released by someone on a sinking ship near Paradise Island. When the Navy got there, he launched a major deep-water rescue operation to save these innocent animals. It is said that there was a large fire hole on this ship, due to which this ship slowly dissolved in water.

The Navy has obtained information on these cats
First, a user named Nookool.b on Facebook posted photos of this Thai Navy operation to help cats. After that, people got information about this whole thing. In fact, the Thai Navy had reached this ship to see if there was an oil leak from the sinking ship due to a fire. When the Navy team approached, they saw four kittens.

Vendors saved cats’ lives by jumping in the water
After that, the navy vendors immediately jumped into the water and started the action to save these innocent cats. The sellers saved the four cats while showing the impunity of the burning ship. Naval officers also fed them food and drink on their ship. In the photos, Navy vendors swim in the deep sea waters with cats on their shoulders.

People fled the ship after a fire
The report said eight people on the ship that sank due to the fire had jumped into the water even before the navy arrived. These people were rescued by a passing fishing boat. Wichit Pukdilon, a Petty Officer 1st Class in the Air and Coastal Defense Division of the Thai Navy, said that as our ship approached the ship, we zoomed in the camera to check. During this time, I saw the heads of two cats.

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