Thai woman finds orange pearl: Thai woman finds orange pearl worth tens of thousands of rupees in sea snails

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In Thailand a poor woman got CP for food, this rare orange pearl was worth over Rs 50 lakh, the woman looking for the buyer bought the CP for Rs 164, the money was collected for treating sick mother in Bangkok
A rare orange pearl was found in an oyster bought from a woman in Thailand for Rs 164. The price of this pearl in the market is said to be over 50 lakh rupees. Seafood is widely preferred in Thailand. Both rich and poor buy sea creatures according to their needs and make a variety of dishes with them. This lady also bought a sea mussel for dinner at 70 Baat (Thai currency Thai Baht) in Satun market. The price of 70 bhat in Indian rupees is around 164 rupees.

The sea oyster changed luck
This woman had no idea that this sea creature could change her fate the next moment. While cutting seashells for dinner at her house, she found an orange colored object inside a shell. At first he thought it would be a stone, which the oyster might have eaten. But, when he learned that the orange substance was actually a rare find, he was not happy.

2.5 cm in diameter of the pearl weight 6 grams
The weight of this orange bead would be approximately six grams, the diameter of which is approximately 2.5 centimeters. Kodekhorn family members have kept information on this pearl hidden. They were concerned that if they told people about the pearl, then the person selling the oyster would ask for the pearl. The woman received the pearl on January 30, but when she tried to sell it for her mother’s medical bills, people learned of the incident.

Family needs money to treat mother’s cancer
The lady said I showed it to my mother and she said it was a Melo pearl and it was very precious. We also saw the news on TV where a fisherman had sold one of these pearls for money. Kodachakorn’s father, Niwat Tantiwatakul, said he was in desperate need of the money because he was an accident himself and his wife needed cancer treatment so she could pay more. a lakh of medical bills.

The whole family in the hope of the buyer
Kodachakorn said we can’t wait any longer. We hope that soon any buyer will contact us who can give us their fair price. I have heard stories from many people who got such rare gems, but they were all able to sell them. We are very poor, I hope we can do the same because this money can meet many of our needs.

Pearl oysters are found in these areas
Melo beads are orange and brown in color. The price of these pearls in the market is very high. They are found in a sea oyster called Vultidae. These oysters are typically found from the coast of Myanmar to the South China Sea and the Andaman Sea. Last month another fisherman found a pearl worth around 70 lakh rupees from a 99 rupee sea oyster.

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