Thank you for a year … which we hope to overcome in 2021

We do it again, get your trust back and always try to provide you with the highest quality. It has been a continuous year where we have collected interviews and raffles. The beginnings, although repetitive, are never easy, but we maintain the illusion.

2021 is a year of quality

This year, we want to take a big leap in terms of quality. We’re working on some future changes that we hope you like. Our main interest is to improve the quality of the work we do at Microsofters so that you feel even more comfortable with us.

It is not easy to see areas for improvement; It is not easy to investigate the unknown… But the objective is well defined. We want to reclaim the essence we had and overcome our first stage of transition. The audience couldn’t be better and that’s what encourages us to keep working: knowing that the content we prepare will delight you.

We have prepared technical changes to the website itself, aesthetic changes and when it comes to delivering content to you. We will seek excellence in all areas in which we are immersed. You are our goal, that you enjoy each content created and that browsing the different articles is as pleasant as possible.

A little early

How would you kill us if we create all this halo of illusion without showing every detail that we will have to give you a little snack. It is something material and simple, but it will change the way we analyze things. Product reviews will try to be more detailed than ever.

Heat flow on an Xbox Series S

We will begin to analyze heat fluxes in laptops, tablets and consoles. The goal is to gain a better understanding of how these devices work, their temperature peaks, and their design so that you can know firsthand how the devices work and whether they have been well designed. One more step towards excellence that we hope you will like. Much more is to come. Stay tuned!

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