“Thank you to all my team”

Publication: Thursday March 18, 2021 20:28

Ignacio Aguado has stepped down and asked Edmundo Bal to run for the primary to be the Ciudadanos’ candidate in the Madrid elections on May 4. A decision he announced this Thursday, during an appearance in which he was accompanied by Bal himself and during which he could not help but be moved.

Concretely, the former vice-president of the Community of Madrid had to take a short break in his speech to pull himself together as he thanked his team. “Thank you to all my team, to honest people, to excellent professionals and above all to good people,” he said, visibly moved.

Aguado also had words of appreciation for his former government partner, the Popular Party, despite the friction and the fact that Isabel Díaz Ayuso arrested him last week by calling the elections in advance, as well as for the PSOE. “Thank you also to my government partner, the PP and the PSOE, for reminding me every day why I am in politics,” he said.

These words of gratitude come after the enormous anger Aguado expressed last week at his partner’s decision, whom he accused of lying, after Ayuso argued he couldn’t risk the training. orange presents a motion of censure against him., and committing “irresponsibility” by calling an election.

During his speech, Aguado was accompanied by Cs’ deputy spokesperson, whom he asked “personally” to stand as a candidate in the Madrid elections, as he clarified, which Bal accepted despite the fact that only a day before he had categorically rejected the possibility of running for office, arguing that his place “is in Congress”.

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