that signal the origin of the corona: duniya mein kahan se aur kaise faila corona virus: fears of spreading the crown from animals to birds – World Health Organization

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According to the WHO team, the corona virus spreads from bats to humans via other animals. The WHO team reports that there is a possibility of the corona virus spread from a Chinese laboratory There is talk that China will remain under pressure
According to the World Health Organization (WHO) team visiting China to find out where and how the corona virus originated, the virus has spread from bats to humans via other animals. The virus is unlikely to spread from the lab.

This information was given in the draft investigation team report received by the AP news agency. However, answers to many questions were not received as expected in the investigation report. The team proposed further investigation into all other aspects except the aspect of the virus escaping from the lab.

The release of the report has been continuously delayed, raising questions as to whether the Chinese side is trying to influence the conclusion of the investigation so that the Covid-19 outbreak is not blamed on China. A World Health Organization official said last weekend he expected the team’s report to be released in the coming days.

The PA received the report of the investigation team on behalf of a diplomat from the WHO member country based in Geneva on Monday. However, it is not clear whether the report will be amended before its publication. However, the diplomat says this is the final version of the report.

WHO was contacted in this regard, but no immediate response was received from it. The researchers described four conditions of origin of the corona virus named SARS-CoV-2. In which it would have spread from bats to other animals, is the main one.

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