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Updated: Wednesday, October 21, 2020 10:52 a.m.

Published on: 10/21/2020 9:03 AM

The shadow of curfew hangs over all of Spain. After Madrid had put on the table the possibility of asking the government for this measure, several regional representatives expressed themselves in the same direction and asked the executive for a common criterion for the 17 Spanish regions.

The Community of Madrid yesterday raised the possibility of requesting a curfew from 00:00 in the whole region from next Saturday. “It is a measure which is under study, even if it is in the embryonic phase”, they specify from the Ayuso government, assuring that it is the means “of not damaging the hotel industry and of preventing bottles. “.

To implement this measure, it is necessary to extend the state of alarm that was declared on October 9. A point that Salvador Illa insisted on during a subsequent appearance before the Council of Ministers: “The curfew has been lifted. If we are following this path, we need a state of alert and I need to know who would be willing to support him. “

Hours later, after the COVID-19 group meeting, Díaz Ayuso’s executive stopped talking about a curfew to point to the “restriction of nighttime activity.” According to sources from the Ministry of Health at LaSexta, the ministry’s document on alert levels continues to be worked on and will be presented this Thursday as a recommendation to autonomies.

This Thursday will be the Interterritorial Council of the National Health System. At this meeting, the Ministry of Health and the Autonomous Communities will discuss the proposal and, in principle, take a decision on it.

In the Valencian Community, on the table

The Valencian Community, for its part, has also considered asking for a curfew in its territory in view of the evolution of coronavirus cases. This is what Ximo Puig and his Minister of Health, Ana Barceló, said during a meeting held this Tuesday afternoon in Valencia.

In this sense, Barceló warned that “with the onset of the cold, the situation is likely to worsen”, insisting that “now, more than ever, we cannot relax and we must all collaborate in this fight against the pandemic “.

Galicia and Murcia require coordination before this measure

Alberto Núñez Feijóo, president of the Xunta de Galicia, believes that the curfew “would be reasonable” in some areas if it involves closing the hotel business. However, he believes that the unanimity of all communities is necessary. “Guidelines are lacking to solve this problem. If there are no common criteria, there will be confusion,” he said in this regard.

Fernando López Miras, the president of Murcia, spoke in the same direction, asking for a single criterion for all of Spain. The “popular” leader underlines that “the curfew supposes a greater limitation of fundamental rights and must be taken at national level, with the agreement and consensus of all the autonomous communities”.

In addition, López Miras indicated that the position of his government “will be the same as since the start of the pandemic, which must follow the criteria of scientists, epidemiologists and public health personnel”. “We are facing a deadly virus,” he said, “which is affecting the whole world and there cannot be 17 different answers.”

Castilla-La Mancha asks not to “stun” the population

Unanimity. This is what the President of Castilla-La Mancha, Emiliano García-Page, asked to agree on homogeneous measures in all the autonomous communities and which “do not make the country believe that some are less well off at the expense others”.

“A decision is imposed that won’t and we don’t want it to be full containment, but it has to be a national solution with a national message and that makes the decisions really effective because they are applied to the whole and not by pieces, which are always more questionable, ”said the socialist leader at the presentation of the transfer plan of the University Hospital of Toledo.

According to him, different restrictions are applied “to one place and another” and “we will all end up feeling dizzy not knowing what time to be in Burgos, what time to be in Valencia or whether or not we can be in Talavera de la Queen”.

Catalonia excluded the measure

The interim government president, Pere Aragonès, said last Sunday that he was not ruling out a curfew in Catalonia. However, he stressed that at the moment this is not a measure on the table.

“At the moment, a curfew is not on the table. We are focused on complying with approved regulations. What needs to be done is to strengthen this compliance. Fines will be imposed for some actions this weekend. “, did he declare. stated in an interview in “Cadena Ser”.

In this regard, the spokesperson for Junts per Catalunya, Laura Borràs, said that it was not for her to talk about the needs of the Community of Madrid to make this request, while recalling that the curfew is a measure already applied by other countries.

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