The 10 bots you shouldn’t miss for Microsoft Teams

In these times of pandemic, the use of Microsoft Teams has increased dramatically. Now organizations are looking for more efficient ways to run their operations and make their teams more productive. It is for this reason that there are team management systems, such as Teams, that make it easier to work remotely. These systems allow us to participate in more accessible management activities such as communication and collaboration. With Microsoft Teams bots, the functionality of our teams becomes much better. We’ll take a look at the 10 bots we recommend in Teams.

What are Microsoft Teams bots?

These are features in Teams that allow the user to get information for better collaboration. For example, an organization can sync employee conversations from different chat apps. This facilitates tracking and monitoring. They work as plug-ins or add-ons that prevent you from performing manual tasks such as finding information.

These can be found in the Microsoft Teams Store and give us a variety of options for our organization. Let’s see our selection of bots.


If you work with customers or people outside of your business who don’t use Microsoft Teams, you’re going to love this. With its universal channels, you don’t need to start conversations everywhere. Alternation of different platforms like Slack or Webex. Mio just syncs messages across other platforms and also supports features like deletes, edits, and even emojis.

This is another popular bot primarily used for scheduling interactions. It’s a handy meeting assistant that makes it easy to chat with other people in your business. This bot also allows us to automate schedules, access useful contextual information and save space for colleagues. You also get a feature to synchronize CRM tools and calendars so that you can collect information as quickly as possible. The bot can also provide daily snapshots of your schedule to avoid a double booking.

Grow bot

It’s a transparent and easy way to encourage employees or teammates. Some of the essentials of team management are appreciation and recognition, and this bot makes that possible. This will help you build confidence and confidence in your employees, which is necessary to motivate them. You can do this in four easy steps, which are mentioning Growbot, using the keyword “kudos” or “props”, selecting the user you want to animate and then letting the others know.

Yellow ant

If you are looking for a robot to automate tasks, this is for you. It works as an efficient assistant, integrating our other applications to facilitate the work. For example, with Yellow Ant, you can ask Gmail to send an email on your behalf, without necessarily opening the app. You can also retrieve all kinds of information you need from G-Suite files without wasting time switching between apps.


Nowadays, more and more businesses are taking smarter steps by using data to personalize their products and services. Most of this data is usually obtained by going through so many applications that it can be exhausting and time consuming. Statsbot was created to solve this problem by extracting raw data from our work environment, turning it into useful information, and then delivering it through Microsoft Teams.

We will need to configure it in the analytics systems we use and then add the bot to our Teams environment. Once configured at our workplace, colleagues can make any request. Whether for customer service or when working on projects with colleagues.


This bot that allows participants to prepare properly before coming. Avoid a situation where at the end or even during the meeting, you realize that it could be an email. It is a calendar application, which allows users to create talking points, notes and action lines before starting meetings. This way everyone involved has a very clear understanding of what is going on and what to do next. It is ideal for bringing together people from various geographic locations.


If you are looking for increased productivity for your coworkers and employees, then this is a robot worth trying. You can perform various tasks with the app, including requesting IT support, approving workflows, or even evaluating business performance.

Polly for teams

This may be one of the first bots available and allows us to work better with surveys in Teams. This bot allows us to carry out all kinds of surveys. For example, if you want to arrange a meeting time, we can use Polly to set up a survey. Participants will take it, and then you can come to a conclusion.


This bot allows us to sync the entire team’s calendar to make sure we’re all on the same page. Scheduling meetings will be much easier without waiting for people to confirm available times. The bot updates the calendar for the whole team. All you’ll have to do is request a potential date and time for the meeting, and the information will appear. It also works well if our team is not in the same location.


This bot refers to team members that we may need. This is especially useful in large companies or for people who are forgetful. For example, we want to know who is in charge of after-sales service in our organization, just write “who knows after-sales service”. Not only will it look for members who often mention the topic, but it will also provide us with information on how to contact them by phone, message, email, etc.

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