The 25 most demanded jobs currently and future projections: how to get there?

The 25 most demanded jobs currently and future projections: how to get there?

The virtual platform presents open, practical and useful information on 25 jobs with high current demand and future projections. Over 45 hours of video and over 70 specialized documents to help the unemployed know where there is work and how to access it in a practical and useful way.

Each of the jobs presented on the web includes a presentation by professionals who share what their daily life looks like and how they got there, a job orientation workshop that explains the different paths to access it, and interviews with professionals who show the more personal aspects of their work experience, in addition to presentations, sector analyzes and job descriptions.

The initiative, led by the Canal Foundation in collaboration with the Human Age Institute, brings together a wide variety of jobs in the digital, environment, logistics, commerce, industry and health sectors. . And for all levels of training: ESO and bac, Vocational training and university.

Renewable energy seller, Python IT developer, cybersecurity specialist, mobile application developer or robotics engineer are some of the professions included in this selection, whose high demand requires qualified profiles that are sometimes not found not on the market.

The initiative is aimed at the unemployed, students and young people looking for a first job and professionals who wish to reorient their professional career. Thanks to the platform, it will be possible to know, in a practical way, a selection of professions whose demand exceeds today – and in the future exceeds – the supply. RESET is, as its name suggests, the gateway to professional restart.

Two organizations join forces in a public service initiative

The mission of the Canal Foundation is to improve opportunities to get to know people through information programs and activities on the environment, innovation, art and culture; as well as to support Canal de Isabel II in the dissemination of the integral water cycle and the promotion of research for its more efficient and sustainable use. Since its inception 20 years ago, more than six million people have participated in its programs.

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