The 4-day working day, requiring in-depth analysis and very specific measures

The 4-day working day, requiring in-depth analysis and very specific measures

ARHOE-National Commission for the Rationalization of Spanish Hours, on the occasion of the last demonstrations of the 4-day working day addressed by the Spanish government, wants to speak out on this issue out of deference to its partners, to the more than 25,000 people who they signed the Manifesto for rational hours and, in general, to citizens.

According to the president of the ARHOE, Jos Luis Casero, “the issue is not to talk about reducing working days, but to have schedules that allow a rational distribution of working time by agreement and not by imposition. . The dignity at work, in the wages and in the free time of the workers is what we have always defended with the association ”.

“At present, simply proposing the reduction to four working days per week is a simplification of the matter,” says Casero, “and may create false expectations for citizens, as it is not clear whether the day maximum working time will be maintained or not. 8 hours on average and if the same salary is kept. In addition, the different typology of companies is not taken into account, where in some it is viable, but in others not, nor does it speak of improving productivity, which, in the end, is essential. to create and maintain employment. ”

“In a country like ours, where we are approaching an unemployment rate of 20%, if we reduce hours and wages we will only contribute to an increase in the moonlight”, declares the president of the ARHOE , which underlines that the debate In the background, it must be approached from the productive reality of the country, because in jobs that have greater added value and generate high productivity (industrial, technological sectors, etc.) , for example, this measure will be possible, but it cannot be generalized and generalized. implement overnight and in all areas of production.

Therefore, from AROE, they insist that the implementation of the 4-day working day, at present, requires a calm and thorough analysis of its convenience and viability.

Perhaps it would be more practical to study the generalization of a 7-hour day, which will make us more productive, or more intensive days whenever possible, but in our opinion, a reduction in the working day should never be linked to a reduction in pay, at least in an imposed way, ” concludes Casero.

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