the 65 million were in fact for the future couple

Publication: Monday, March 1, 2021 10:08

New details on the King Emeritus’ relationship with Corinna Larsen. The 65 million euros that Juan Carlos I transferred to her in 2012 (from the money she had received from the Saudi King) would not be a “gift of gratitude”, as she put it, but a transfer. within the couple to pay for their future. coexistence, even if he refused to give them back when they broke up.

The high responsibilities of the governments of the time are recognized as such, according to “El País”. Remember that already last August, in an interview with the BBC, Corinna had assured that her father had called her in 2009 to tell her that Juan Carlos I had asked her for her hand.

Rey came to consult a divorce law firm about the possibility of ending her marriage

Sources close to Don Juan Carlos cited by ‘El País’, however, assure that it was she who pushed him to end his marriage with Queen Sofía and to formalize their relationship.

According to ‘El País’, the then king came to consult a law firm specializing in divorces on the possibility of ending his marriage of more than 40 years.

Something that set off all the alarms in the government (in Zapatero’s last and Rajoy’s first) and the relationship between Juan Carlos I with the former German princess began to be seen as a “question of state”.

The accident suffered by Juan Carlos I while hunting elephants in Botswana on April 13, 2012 precipitated events. On her return, Corinna requested that the plane be diverted to Monaco to leave her, which caused a strong confrontation with the Royal House. In the end, the plane flew directly to Madrid with the king and his lover and the relationship became public.

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