The 7 key recommendations for a successful professional video call


The 7 key recommendations for a successful professional video call

POR Fede Martrat Managing partner of ActitudPro and academic collaborator of ESADE in commercial excellence, 2:45 p.m. – December 23, 2020

At the present time, it is essential to master technological tools in order to be able to telecommute and / or maintain remote connections.

Here are 7 key recommendations for a successful professional video call:

Arrive 5 minutes early If you are the meeting organizer, connect and leave the camera and microphone turned off until you “hear” other participants arriving, so you can receive them quickly. Above all, digital connection requires punctuality. Make sure everything is in place and that you have the files you want to view previously opened. Keep the space well lit and use headphones. Make sure the space is well lit and that the light is hitting you from above or from the front and not from the back. To achieve good communication, use headphones and do not have a “void behind you” (corridors, passage areas …); a space without anything creates psychological insecurity in the interlocutor. Connect and turn off microphone during talk time Create momentum among those participating in video call to turn microphone on and off for talk; Thus, background noise is avoided and communication is improved. “Screen sharing” function When you activate the “Screen sharing” function, you become the manager of the meeting agenda and have full control over it. This option (unlike “share desktop”), allows you to open other documents in other tabs without other assistants seeing them, so it’s very useful when taking notes. Record the session: If an important interlocutor or decision maker is not attending the meeting, offer the other participants the option to record the session, then send it to the decision maker with key minutes not to be missed. Intervene at the right time Make your presentation as interactive as possible and try to intervene at the right time and at the right time; it is not recommended to spend more than 2 minutes talking alone. Ask participants for their input, to make sure everyone is participating. Poor network quality. If the system indicates that the network quality is poor, turn off the video, but as soon as it is resolved, turn the camera back on. If you’re still having trouble connecting, have the map handy. B: Share wifi or phone of your phone for audio and keep the platform for viewing.

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