The 7th edition of the Fundacin Alares Diversity Management Awards begins to reward the best diversity policies


The 7th edition of the Fundacin Alares Diversity Management Awards begins to reward the best diversity policies

Now is the time to make visible the great effort of companies to achieve a more diverse enterprise.

BY RRHHDigital, 01:30 – 23 July 2021

The Fundacion para la Diversidad hosts the 7th edition of the International Awards for the management of the diversity of people in public and private organizations. The aim of this award is to give a voice to the diversity and inclusion policies to which organizations have been dedicated for so long in order to build a better society.

How can my business be recognized?

To obtain this recognition, it will be necessary to accredit the practice and the commitment of your company in the management of diversity with the prior subscription to the Diversity Charter.

There will be five categories of recognition and awards will be given to diversity best practices in:

SME Large company Company based in another country Institution or public company In sport

Once the admission period has ended, the documentation submitted by the applicant companies and public institutions will be evaluated by a committee of professionals technically competent in diversity management, appointed for this purpose.

When evaluating applications, the following will be given special priority:

The cross-cutting nature of the initiative, i.e. the fact that it encompasses different types of diversity (e.g. gender, disability, cultural diversity, age, sexual orientation, etc. ) Leadership in relation to the initiative, that is to say the fact that the management of the company is from the outset involved in its development and that it affects the various business services. Integration into the company’s strategic plan. The incorporation from the start of the initiative of mechanisms for monitoring and evaluating its results. The impact obtained by the initiative

The recognitions will consist of an honorable mention materialized by a commemorative plaque bearing the title “THE VII INTERNATIONAL AWARDS FOR THE MANAGEMENT OF DIVERSITY”, as well as the name of the company, organization or public institution distinguished. The designation of companies, bodies and public establishments that have obtained Recognition will be made in a public document to be held on November 18, 2021.

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