the accelerator of positive change in people management at Avanza

After the acquisition of Movility ADO in 2013, Avanza raised the need to put in place a more modern organizational structure in line with the current economic and social environment. The profound cultural change proposed by the company, supported by the new management team, first involved the creation and deployment of a new HR department making it possible to manage more than 7,000 people.

Mile zero of this revolution at Avanza lies in its Impulsa Plan, a program designed to be the “road map” for human resource management in one of the world’s leading passenger mobility companies. The Impulsa Plan includes the design and creation of a new HR department divided into 4 functional areas: Development, Compensation and Benefits, Labor Relations and Prevention of Social Risks. And, at the same time, he draws up a strategy in which the change in corporate culture marks the step from conventional management to more agile management, based on metrics, analyzes and principles of innovation and continuous improvement. .

Cezanne HR at Avanza: “The power of simplicity”

To put the ambitious Plan Impulsa theory into practice, Avanza has opted for simplicity. As Ignacio Garca de Leniz, Director of Human Resources at Avanza, explains, “We thought about looking for the support of HR software that would make our job easier. A simple solution, both in implementation and on a daily basis. Above all, we wanted our performance review process to be based on a solution that was easy to manage from the new HR environment, even from a technological point of view. In other words, we want broad functional coverage, but above all we are looking for simplicity, flexibility and transparency. We wanted to have employees as allies in a process which was new to everyone and which in itself required a lot of focus. So our idea was that technology would help, but in a “silent” way. And we found Cezanne HR ”.

The Impulsa Plan forms the foundations of the new people management at Avanza, understood from the perspective of innovation and the achievement of objectives. In this sense, Ignacio Garca de Leniz assures us that “we have sought to change the way of seeing and understanding the company, but also the development of the professional life of each employee. Consequently, a major effort had to be made in the training of appraisees and assessors. The HR software that would support this process, in this case Cezanne HR, should be very easy to manage because we were talking about a very lean organization in the human resources environment ”.

In this sense, the HRD of Avanza points to an element of reflection: it is a company of 7,000 people managed with a 10% structure in all departments, delegations and operations. There are no more than 700 people who are not direct workers. Therefore, it was essential that the technology provided the expected benefits without creating an additional workload.

It should be noted that in the new performance appraisal process, the managers of the Development area of ​​the newly created HR department were tasked with defining and training all employees. There was no culture prior to goal setting, performance appraisal, or development conversations. Start from zero. “Cezanne HR gave us the possibility to manage the tool from HR independently. No vendor dependency, but with full support from their support team. In addition, we were convinced by its balanced relationship between cost and efficiency which allows us to adjust and move forward according to our own level of growth. This did not require us to make prior investments. Do not demand commitments from us, neither in terms of time nor costs. And in return, he presented us with a powerful, scalable and transparent tool. A tool that has also allowed us to avoid the initial rejection that these types of solutions can generate, especially in companies like ours, without any experience in the matter. With Cezanne HR, we saw it clearly. We carried out a first pilot project, with 80 employees. He convinced us. And we move on. In this latest performance appraisal process, 4 years later, more than 600 employees have participated, ”says Avanza’s director of human resources.

The truth to come to anticipate resistance to change

One of the most important things when implementing a technology solution is that it meets the expectations it generates. In other words, let him be and do what he really claims to be or do. It is that simple. Garca de Leniz explains this by saying that “in our case, we were looking first for HR software that would help us manage the assessment of a group of 700 people and follow up on it. And, secondly, it allowed us to introduce a new culture of evaluation within the company. We have sought to change the leadership culture across the company. And for that, we needed human resources software that would accompany us in this change, it would not be a burden. Cezanne HR went further by becoming an accelerator of change. “

In the process of introducing all the variables in the adaptation, the type of evaluation, the model, etc. The ability to adapt the tool to the new evaluation model previously defined in the company was also important. In this sense, Ignacio Garca de Leniz insists on the fact that Cezanne HR was the vehicle, the medium on which the new evaluation model was developed in a very agile way, adapting to the needs raised by the HR department of Get Moving. “It was also important – he continues – the collaboration of all members of Cézanne’s HR team who helped us at all times, from advice to support, very customer-focused and with an excellent results orientation. I think this is the way to accelerate change, to bring technology and people together ”.

In this sense, there are two important things that stand out from Avanza:

That the gap between the expectations generated by the HR software and the reality is small. In this sense, Cezanne HR has been a faithful reflection of its promises. “It was a business and a solution, very honest with Avanza.” Make the most of the potential of the route available to the app. This avoids the feeling of underutilizing a solution with the additional costs that this would entail. “Cezanne HR gives us what we need at all times. This allows us to tailor the solution to our needs. We feel very comfortable with her ”.

Skills-based assessment: a global overview of talent development

Avanza analyzes the performance of its workforce through a skills assessment. A continuous assessment, the formalization of which begins in January. At that time, the evaluators have two weeks to carry out the evaluations via Cezanne HR, where they have a form of the skills assigned to each employee and the required levels. This is a frequency-based assessment that includes an area for feedback and what to measure beyond performance and potential.

Once the evaluators have completed this process, HR follows up as appropriate. At this point, Carmen Fernndez Carvajal, head of human resources development at Avanza, explains the importance of having HR software like Cezanne HR because “it helps us a lot to see the situation in real time and to push for the process ends in a timely manner. “. Then begins what Avanza calls the calibration phase, which includes several levels to check that everyone has understood what each of the terms used means (exceptionally, frequently, etc.) and to get the overall picture of the process. An approximation of this stage of calibration by levels could be as follows:

The first level of calibration is that carried out on the operations by the HR manager and the director. If a mismatch is detected, it is the evaluator who intervenes, with the coordination and support of the company’s HR. The second level of benchmarking depends on the CEO and projects an overall picture of how assessors have assessed their teams who are continuously receiving training and information on how to optimize the assessment process, the importance of skills , etc.

At this point, along with the final image, comments are provided to the reviewers. Discussion of performance, goals, areas for improvement, etc. takes place first, scripted with the RH Cezanne form. And, later, access evaluated to their assessment to add any comments they deem appropriate and sign the result to complete the process. If an action plan is established, it will also be reflected in the tool at this time.

Autonomy and continuous improvement to add value to employees

One of the things Avanza HR managers appreciate the most is that the software that supports their performance review adapts so elastically to their process. A process that has been perfected as the business has transformed. Carmen Fernndez Carvajal highlights not only the elasticity of the tool itself, but the versatility of the “competent, professional and very close” technical team.

On the other hand, once the assessment has started, it is very important that the process is fast and safe and that, if an incident does occur, it can be resolved on the fly. In this sense, Fernndez Carvajal insists that “since 2017 we have managed to minimize the number of incidents, especially those that have to do with a possible ignorance of the use of the solution. We already have perfectly trained users, so the support we provide them from HR today is minimal ”.

In Avanza, it’s clear. It is about giving autonomy to the employee to gain agility, speed and transparency. Something that is essential in such a delicate process as performance appraisal. “Having a real picture of performance is strategic for making decisions based on objective data. Data which, incidentally, is stored in a central repository, easily accessible in the event of immediate intervention or facilitating decision-making in real time, ”explains the human resources development manager at Avanza.

Once the process is closed, it is time to analyze which skills should be focused more on, those on which the company has a higher level of development, to analyze the evolution of each employee over the course of the time, both globally and by competency, including checking whether there has been an action plan, and whether it has carried out the appropriate follow-up, analyzing the comments of the appraisee and the evaluators, etc.

In this sense, Carmen Fernndez Carvajal assures us that “Cezanne HR seems particularly relevant to me to manage all the processes and tasks related to development and training because it helps me identify the strengths and areas for improvement of the members of the team. The analysis provided by the tool also helps me to see the evolution of employees, whether they have improved or not, compared to what was established in previous evaluations and, of course, to make decisions. organizational, be it promotions or possible dismissals. “.

For the future, the company is considering the implementation of new self-assessment processes that it will also support under the aegis of Cezanne’s HR and, in general, to continue to innovate and accelerate positive change. in talent management. High management at a higher level, with the Impulsa plan reflected in the low staff turnover rates and in the high marks the company receives from its clients for the care and professionalism with which the services are provided.

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