The Adecco Foundation and the Sustainability Excellence Club recognize best business practices in the COVID-19 scenario

The contribution of companies to social and professional inclusion acquires major importance in the context of the global pandemic

The Adecco Foundation and the Sustainability Excellence Club recognize best business practices in the COVID-19 scenario

The Adecco Foundation and the Sustainability Excellence Club have convened the IV Diversity and Inclusion Awards (D&I) to recognize companies’ commitment to corporate diversity and socio-professional inclusion, by giving visibility to the best practices carried out by companies in collaboration with the interest groups involved. This fourth edition of the awards also aims to raise awareness in business, public administration and society in general about the importance of creating inclusive environments that empower social groups traditionally excluded from the labor market, as well as promoting the implementation of non-discriminatory measures. in talent management, allowing all staff to put all their talents at the service of the job market

For Francisco Mesonero, Managing Director of the Adecco Foundation, “companies are essential agents in responding to the challenges and needs of the environment in which they operate, and they do so today in a context of crisis. The behavior of the commercial fabric is therefore decisive in curbing the economic and social consequences of the pandemic; in this sense, it is imperative to optimize diversity, equity and inclusion strategies to stop the spread of poverty and exclusion, without giving up being more competitive ”.

The Adecco Foundation works under the corporate diversity model, # DiversidadSinEtiquetas, and with the consolidation of these awards, it intends to recognize the development of good practices of socio-professional inclusion, projects to fight against inequalities and exclusion. social and / or programs that help generate a culture change in the company to promote diversity and inclusion. These challenges are of paramount importance today, in a scenario where the COVID-19 crisis has destroyed more than a million jobs and poverty could increase in Spain by more than 1.1 million people, reaching 10.9 million citizens, according to Oxfam Intermn.

There will also be an honorary award to recognize the best inclusive leader who has stood out in diversity and inclusion at work.

With the aim of rewarding the most innovative proposals that are carried out in Spain in the field of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (De & I), the awards have four different categories to highlight specific aspects that exist in the context of diversity and inclusion:

CATEGORY I. The prize for the best strategic plan for diversity and inclusion rewards the best strategy and corporate vision of diversity, equity and inclusion (De & I) in Spain, its integration as as a strategic element in the company, its transversality and its orientation towards all stakeholders of the company (employees, customers, suppliers, etc.).

CATEGORY II Prize for best practice in professional integration, which rewards the best initiative that promotes the professional integration of people with disabilities, women victims of gender violence or trafficking, single-parent families, support projects to senior talent or other people in vulnerable situations, in the company itself.

CATEGORY III award for the best practice in social action, that is to say the best education, training and work project developed by companies that contribute to reducing inequalities and social exclusion so as to empower people threatened with social exclusion, and their professional and social integration is promoted.

CATEGORY IV Award for best business practice that has fostered and fostered the transformation of corporate culture in terms of diversity and inclusion. This category includes training actions on diversity, equity and inclusion, as well as awareness-raising and awareness-raising actions that help to reduce prejudices and unconscious prejudices, discrimination, inequalities and social exclusion (actions volunteering, communication and advertising campaigns, dialogue projects, etc.).

In addition, the jury can award access to the most relevant projects that have been promoted by SMEs or entrepreneurs from our country, in the different categories. The deadline for receipt of applications, which started today, will be open until January 31, 2021. The application form is available at the link

A jury of renowned experts from academic, commercial and institutional fields will assess the projects for which they will take into account the strategic vision of Diversity and Business Inclusion, the social and corporate impact of initiatives, coherence and the permanence of the project over time, the reproducibility of the model and the vision, the innovative character, the originality of the idea, the process, the product and / or the proposed solution, the geographical scope / people / organizations involved, dissemination in the company’s value chain, if applicable, and the existence of clear and measurable objectives and monitoring indicators.

The failure of the jury will be announced in the year 2021, after which the award ceremony will be organized for the winners of each category.

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