The Adecco Foundation continues to promote the employability of young people with disabilities through the #YoQuieroYoPuedo initiative

The Adecco Foundation continues to promote the employability of young people with disabilities through the #YoQuieroYoPuedo initiative

Last Monday, July 19, the first day of the week took place # YoQuieroYoPuedo, an initiative developed by the Adecco Foundation to promote the employment of young people with intellectual disabilities in the region. Until Friday July 23, five sessions are scheduled with the aim of improving the professional skills of people with a disability certificate between 18 and 35 years old.

From workshops led by professionals from different disciplines and activities on various themes, around twenty beneficiaries will work on key aspects of finding and keeping a job.

These conferences, which will be held – among others – at the headquarters of the Adecco Foundation in Zaragoza, are part of the #EmpleoParaTodos program of the Adecco Foundation, designed for the guidance and professional integration of the most vulnerable people, improving their employability and generating real employment opportunities.

Objective: to avoid exclusion

According to the Disability Labor Market Report, in 2020 there were 3,199 job seekers in Aragon, this figure being 21.63% higher than in 2019. Of these more than 3,000 people, a third (1020) have some type of mental disorder and / or intellectual disability.

The employability of people with disabilities continues to be a challenge in our society, as the lack of professional opportunities carries a high risk of social exclusion. According to data from the EAPN AROPE report, more than 12 million people are at risk of social exclusion in Spain and the percentage of disabled people at risk of exclusion stands at 32%, 10 points above the general rate for the rest Population .

In this scenario, aggravated by the crisis derived from Covid-19, we must redouble our efforts so that people with disabilities do not become double victims of the crisis. According to Beatriz Gutirrez, regional coordinator of the Adecco Foundation in Aragn, the initiatives such as the #YoQuieroYoPuedo week is “the opportunity that people with intellectual disabilities, and in particular young people, need to connect with the world of work and take the first steps of their professional career in a market in crisis”.

Week for inclusion

Vocational training goes beyond academic training and formal education: it also requires providing candidates with disabilities with tools to function on a daily basis and to strengthen their capacity to be part of a labor market. increasingly competitive,

In this sense, the #YoQuieroYoPuedo week program started this morning with the Cooking Ideas workshop, in which participants attended a conference on nutrition and healthy habits, which they were able to put into practice later. with the preparation of a healthy recipe. .

The agenda for the next few days is completed with a risk prevention and first aid workshop (July 20), a gymkhana for employment in the city of Zaragoza (July 21) and a crossfit course for training (22 July) at Crossfit Arastur. The goal of the gymkhana is to promote the autonomy of beneficiaries when it comes to using public transport to get to their job interviews. The Fundacin Adecco integration team will teach them how to use applications such as Google Maps and Avanza (Zaragoza bus) to reach areas of interest for their employability such as INAEM or employment offices.

To end the week, on July 23 a meeting with Pablo Pineda was organized. Ambassador of the Adecco Foundation since 2010, Pablo is the first European graduate with Down’s syndrome and collaborates with the Foundation by giving awareness-raising conferences to companies to make them more inclusive and to job seekers to strengthen their capacities. “This past year has been very difficult for everyone and especially for those of us with intellectual disabilities. Through this day, try to convey a message of motivation and commitment to the young Aragonese, so that they trust each other and do not put limits on their professional goals, ”explains Pineda. His intervention will be given in online format, so it will be open to all beneficiaries who have participated in the various workshops of the week.

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