The Adecco Foundation helps more than 700 people at risk of exclusion to find a job

The Adecco Foundation helps more than 700 people at risk of exclusion to find a job

The Vice-Presidency and the Conselleria dIgualtat i Politiques Inclusive granted the Adecco Foundation social funds for the implementation of 18 employment programs for people at risk of exclusion: disabled, women in vulnerable situations, long-term unemployed , People with Disabilities. disability and people living with HIV / AIDS, among others.

This figure represents eight more programs than those granted in 2020, thanks to which 177 Valencians threatened with exclusion found a job, or nearly 50% of those who attended.

It will thus increase from 360 people to more than 700 job seekers, who will be supported in their professional integration process, through personalized itineraries including both individual sessions and group workshops with professionals and companies. Likewise, resources will be allocated to raising awareness and promoting work environments that are inclusive and open to diversity, a key element for the hiring of people with disabilities and those threatened with exclusion.

Mercedes Alcover, coordinator of the Adecco Foundation in Levante, said that “all the beneficiaries we serve in our programs are in a situation of exclusion or at risk of exclusion. In a context of crisis and social emergency like the one generated by this pandemic, they have even more difficulties in finding a job. The support of the ministry will allow us to develop 18 programs through which we will work on strategic skills and bring Valencians in critical situation closer to emerging employment niches, because we are aware that employment is the main vector of social inclusion. “.

All these programs will be financed through the allocation of 0.7% of the personal income tax (IRPF) in the Valencian Community and are included in the #EmpleoParaTodos project of the Adecco Foundation, whose objective is professional inclusion of people with disabilities and people at risk of exclusion.

Those interested in being part of the programs can find the requirements and all the information at the following link:

Full support through 18 employment programs

The programs that will be carried out in 2021 are:

Program Attention to diversity in adolescence, for future social and professional inclusion. The general objective is to work and intervene on key skills from an early age to achieve maximum autonomy of the people served and thus improve the future employability of adolescents with disabilities. Awareness and prevention program aimed at disabled adolescents, the educational community, the third sector and the business world, to raise awareness and prevent the social exclusion of adolescents and promote their socio-health, educational and professional development. Program intended for families in exclusion irrigation, due to the health crisis produced by COVID-19. Personalized professional integration itineraries will be carried out for 16 members of family units in critical situations who, due to the health crisis caused by COVID, are in a situation or at risk of exclusion and vulnerability. Employment program for families at risk of exclusion 2021. Personalized integration routes will be put in place to facilitate the employment of 17 family members in a situation or at risk of exclusion for various reasons. 2021 socio-professional promotion and gender equality program. Actions will be carried out to raise awareness and individualized employment routes with the aim of promoting and achieving the socio-professional inclusion of 38 Valenciennes in vulnerable situations. Support program for the inclusion and professional integration of women in a situation of social exclusion 2021. Program whose objective is to empower 38 women at risk of exclusion through preparation for employment and professional integration Prevention of discrimination based on sex and training of professionals. Its objective is to raise awareness of the situation of women in a situation or at risk of social exclusion in order to promote their socio-professional integration. Program for the prevention of gender-based violence and the protection of victims through employment. Help 18 women victims of gender violence in the Valencian Community to find a job thanks to a personalized itinerary and to give visibility of their situation to the economic fabric and to society in general. An employment program against social exclusion 2021. 151 people at risk of exclusion will be served to improve their employability through a personalized itinerary that provides resources for an effective job search. Socio-professional integration program for the long-term unemployed. The aim is to improve the pre-employment skills and professional skills of 62 long-term unemployed in order to enhance their employability. Social and professional integration program for ex-prisoners. Eight ex-prisoners will be supported to improve their pre-employment skills and their professional skills, with the aim of strengthening their employability, thus contributing to their socio-professional integration. Program intended for people at risk of exclusion, due to the health crisis produced by COVID-19. Personalized route for the improvement of pre-employment skills and the acquisition of professional skills aimed at improving the employability of people who, due to the crisis caused by COVID-19, are in a vulnerable situation. Awareness program on equal treatment and non-discrimination on grounds of disability 2021. The objective is to raise awareness in society as a whole of the right and obligation to equal treatment and non-discrimination with regard to people on the basis of disability. Autonomous program for the employment of people with intellectual disabilities 2021. Multidisciplinary intervention at both social and professional level, in order to improve the personal and professional skills of beneficiaries. Personal autonomy improvement program aimed at employing people with disabilities. 10 people with disabilities will be helped through an individual intervention plan based on their direct care and coordination with all the actors involved (family and social and professional environment) that can lead to an improvement in their autonomy and their employability. Training and vocational guidance program for people with disabilities 2021. Its objective is to improve the employability of 48 people with disabilities for their integration into the mainstream labor market. All this through a personalized itinerary that includes workshops to improve skills. Placement program for people living with HIV. Aims to improve pre-employment skills and professional skills through a personalized integration itinerary for 7 people living with HIV-AIDS. Awareness, training and support program for voluntary intervention. The program aims to raise awareness, train and support the intervention through corporate volunteers. The volunteers will join the Social Work Intervention Plan of the beneficiaries of the Adecco Foundation, by carrying out volunteering activities and workshops with companies.

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