The Adecco Foundation, in collaboration with large companies such as EY or Endesa, helps women victims of gender violence in terms of professional integration

The Adecco Foundation, in collaboration with large companies such as EY or Endesa, helps women victims of gender violence in terms of professional integration

On Wednesday, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women is celebrated, a context in which the Adecco Foundation is developing a week of activities with the aim of promoting the employment of women victims of gender violence, in a situation of great difficulty. This action was made possible thanks to the collaboration of committed companies: Aqualia, Consum, Grupo Red Elctrica, PRAHealthSciences, Talgo, Ucalsa, Endesa and the professional services firm EY.

Employment, an essential attribute against violence

The health emergency that began in March also triggered the intensity of gender-based violence situations. The lengthening of the time spent living together, the increase in tensions in the home, the weakening of family / social support networks and the difficulties in reaching assistance centers, have increased the risk of suffering violence such as never before, as well as the invisibility of the victims. So much so that women have seen their confidence diminish to the point that 85% do not have the confidence to find a job in the COVID-19 labor market, according to the 8 report A job against violence, developed by the Adecco Foundation. In the same vein, 52% believe that there is still a strong stigma in companies which makes it difficult to hire, associating them with insecure and weak personalities.

In this context, the Week against gender violence of the Adecco Foundation will focus its activities, on the one hand, on the education of women victims of serious risks of exclusion in order to equip them with strategic skills to seek employment and, on the other hand, on raising awareness among companies with a view to promoting the recruitment of victims of gender-based violence.

According to Francisco Mesonero, director general of the Adecco Foundation: “victims of gender violence today have more difficulties than ever in accessing a job, whereas it is precisely the vehicle par excellence for normalizing their lives, in their allowing them to be financially independent, strengthen their network of contacts or increase their self-esteem. It is essential to support them in this process and, at the same time, to sensitize companies to their essential role in job creation, by bringing them closer, not only to the tax advantages linked to the hiring of a female victim. , but intangibles such as resilience, empathy or listening, which they tend to see reinforced and which are essential for 21st century companies ”.

Workshops to empower victims

The Adecco Foundation Week against Gender-Based Violence began on Monday and ends on Friday, a period during which 4 training workshops will be organized, in digital format, in order to provide women victims with essential skills for their job search. They will be taught by experts from the Adecco Foundation and Endesa volunteers who, as part of their support for the # EmergenciaPorElEmpleo project, have joined this initiative. In addition, volunteers from the Adecco group will participate in the session that will take place on Friday, as professional mentors.

The first of these workshops took place today and focused on setting a professional goal as the first phase of developing a curriculum based on the goal set, as well as the importance of maintaining a proactive and positive attitude towards the job search.

The next workshop, titled “Managing Emotions and the Selection Process”, will focus on women learning to channel their emotions in a positive way in the face of a selection process, through positive psychology techniques and training of women. interviews over the phone, face to face or in dynamic group format.

Next Thursday will take place the following workshop, “Safe Networks”, with the aim of teaching women victims, particularly sensitive to networks, to use them correctly and in complete safety, both in their personal and professional life.

On Friday, the week of activities will end with a professional mentoring session, during which the women will participate in a digital meeting where they will have the opportunity to discuss their professional careers, being able to share their doubts and their concerns and counting on the moral and human support of expert volunteers from the Adecco group.

To complement these workshops, a meeting will also be organized with companies, the international day against gender violence itself, during which, on the one hand, the comprehensive law on gender violence will be announced and how to integrate the actions in equality and on the other hand, companies will be made aware of their importance as actors creating jobs contributing to eliminate this social scourge.

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