The Adecco group offers more than 100 jobs to work in the company throughout Spain

The Adecco group offers more than 100 jobs to work in the company throughout Spain

A few days ago, the Adecco Group Institute, study and dissemination center of the Adecco Group, presented the latest data on unemployment: the number of registered unemployed in our country stands at 3.78 million people. , and it should be remembered that there are still 542,100 employees in ERTE situation, who are not included by definition in these data.

The COVID-19-derived crisis has had devastating consequences on the labor market: in Spain, a million jobs have been cut (reaching an unemployment rate of 17%, it is now 15.9%), and two million freelancers and more than 130,000 companies disappeared. But little by little, the situation begins to reverse and employment begins to recover. The data for May was positive in the forecast and in the following months hiring will increase significantly if the forecast is met.

In this context, the Adecco group, world leader in human resources management, in its commitment to attract and promote talent, offers more than 100 permanent jobs throughout Spain to work internally in the company. A great opportunity for all those who wish to develop their career and improve their communication and customer orientation skills, and who wish to be part of a young, international and dynamic team in a leading company in the sector.

The Adecco Group prepares for the economic recovery and selects the best talents to integrate into its structural staff. It seeks to integrate more than 100 people who help bring solutions to its customers. These 100 open positions are spread across the country and have different profiles, aimed in particular at business developers and recruiting technicians who will help clients improve their efficiency and productivity.

In the words of Alberto Gaviln, director of talents of the Adecco group: “Because we believe in talent and not in labels, at Adecco we are committed to non-discrimination based on race, age, gender, marital status, ideology, political opinions, nationality. , religion, sexual orientation or any other personal condition. These are our principles, those that guide our way of acting, our way of being, of understanding and of leading the labor market. Within the Adecco Group, we focus on talent with capital letters and only the best talents will help us to end this crisis that we are suffering ”.

The human resources consulting firm is currently looking for vacancies such as Equality Technician, Project Manager, Consulting Project Director, HR Recruiter, Selection Consultant, Sales Consultant, Educational Manager, Training and Selection Technician, Marketing Project Manager , Purchasing and Logistics Manager, Training Services Coordinator, Business Development Manager, Selection and Management Manager, Training Technician, Delegation Director, Sales Manager, etc.

The profiles may be very different in terms of their training and their specificities, but they all share a common denominator: to be strategic and adapted – or to be able to do it quickly – to the uncertainty that 2021 and 2022 still have on many social aspects.

If we look at the geographical distribution of vacancies, the regions that currently offer the most jobs, as usual, are the Community of Madrid, Catalonia, the Basque Country and the Valencian Community.

Although these are the autonomies with the most available offers, they are not the only ones. The Adecco Group also selects talents in other cities and provinces such as Zaragoza, Pontevedra, A Corua, Malaga, Cdiz, Cordoba, Las Palmas, Toledo, Murcia, Burgos, Len, Valladolid, Asturias, Cantabria, Navarre …

Anyone interested can view vacancies and register for vacancies through the Adecco website, or through the following link:

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