The Adeco Foundation and CaixaBank promote the employment of the most vulnerable through #EmpleoParaTodos

The Adeco Foundation and CaixaBank promote the employment of the most vulnerable through #EmpleoParaTodos

The year that we have just left has had a devastating impact on employment and consequently results in poverty and social exclusion for many people who were already in great difficulty before the pandemic.

And if it is still too early to estimate the extent of the wave of poverty and / or exclusion to come – there is often a delay of at least 2 years between economic events and their social consequences – some organizations as Oxfam International calculate that the COVID -19 crisis could increase the poverty of 1.1 million people, the main candidates being those who were already at risk of exclusion in pre-pandemic times

In this context, CaixaBank has decided to support the # EmpleoParaTodos project of the Adecco Foundation to promote professional inclusion among very vulnerable people. More specifically, 2 employment programs will be developed in Bilbao and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, which will support respectively 15 people with intellectual disabilities and 16 women threatened with exclusion.

The agreement was signed by Francisco Mesonero, Managing Director of the Adecco Foundation and Rafael Herrador, Territorial Director of the CaixaBank Center. According to Mesonero: “Last year, the demand for employment of people at risk of exclusion who are beneficiaries of the Adecco Foundation has skyrocketed, due to the shutdown and / or contraction of sectors critical to the economy. in which they were usually employed. In this scenario, the engagement of companies like CaixaBankes is essential so that the people in greatest difficulty are not left behind and can connect with emerging employment niches ”.

Beneficiaries: people with disabilities and women

Thanks to the collaboration of CaixaBank, the Adecco Foundation, we design personalized employment routes for 15 people with intellectual disabilities in Bilbao and 16 women at risk of exclusion in Las Palmas, who will be able to refine their application to find a job in the most promptly. This support will affect strategic areas such as the preparation of the course, the job interview – online or face to face -, placement in companies adapted to their profile and the psychological and emotional field as a basis for maintaining an attitude. positive that increases their opportunities. professionals.

The beneficiaries were chosen because of their high exposure to social exclusion in these uncertain times. On the one hand, people with disabilities saw their contracts drop by 26% in 2020 nationally and by 24% in the Basque Country, according to the latest SEPE data. But beyond quantitative data, they are confronted with prejudices and stereotypes which hinder their access to the labor market and which are accentuated in the case of people with intellectual disabilities, probably the most stigmatized, especially in times of crisis when demand employment and competition are increasing.

In contrast, in the past year 327,100 women’s jobs have been destroyed – 26,800 in the Canary Islands – and their unemployment has increased by 15% nationally and 14% in the archipelago, according to data from the latest EPA. it particularly affects women with additional hardships such as disability, long-term unemployment, unrequited family responsibilities and / or situations of gender-based violence.

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