The advantages of living and working at Argos II, Seville

The culture of work is undergoing a big change. For example, living and working in Seville in one of the best urbanizations is a very interesting option. The economic crisis and urban planning have an unfavorable impact on travel time.

The rapid growth of cities, problems with transportation, continued car use or distance from offices make us wonder how much time we invest in going to work. In cities like Madrid, the average time spent on public transport is 62 minutes; in Paris it takes 64 minutes and in London about 84 minutes, according to data from the Moovit transport app.

Faced with this scenario, more and more entrepreneurs and freelancers decide to work from home in an urbanization or residential area with all the comforts and advantages such as those offered by Argos II in Seville. A proposal from ASG Homes with the highest quality standards to meet customer needs.

A new lifestyle

Being able to work from home is an excellent alternative that allows us to take advantage of more time and savings if we take into account the advantages of having the office in a beautiful room like the one offered by the avant-garde residential Argos II .

The houses have 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedrooms and have a garage and a storage room. Its spaces are very spacious and bright, so a functional and very comfortable office or office can be located.

We know that the house is a reflection of our personality, for this reason we must opt ​​for a practical house, but at the same time modern and innovative. The walls are in neutral tones and the floors are laminated for warmth.

In addition, the complex is very well connected, so you can access different services such as hospitals, educational centers or shops, among others, in a few minutes.

Coliving: work, leisure and home

Meeting the expectations of new generations or working models is the objective of ASG Homes. Working from home and taking advantage of common spaces to play sports or take advantage of the opportunities for recreation and entertainment in a community with like-minded people is booming.

In the residential Argos II, all the details have been thought out, which is why it offers us a very complete equipment, which guarantees a better quality of life.

Large gardens. Children’s play area for the little ones in the house. Swimming pools (adults and children). Gym. Multipurpose room for practicing sport. Gourmet room. Social room. Bicycle parking. Charging for electric vehicles.

Therefore, leading a sustainable lifestyle and meeting people with a similar philosophy of life creates these kinds of opportunities. Working and living in a pleasant environment, which allows you to enjoy more free time, relieving the stress of big cities is more than a fad.

In short, living and working in Seville is an option at your fingertips. Residencial Argos II is an excellent opportunity that offers us all the comforts in terms of services and communications.

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