the age of hospitalizations for coronavirus continues to decline

Publication: Wednesday April 14, 2021 19:14

At laSexta, we spoke with 19-year-old Miriam Morales, who belongs to the most infected population group last week: young people between the ages of 15 and 29. They accounted for 21% of all new cases: “It all started because on March 30, I met my sister and a friend to go have a drink at a bar. Three days later my friend started with symptoms and tested positive for COVID. ”Miriam confirmed she tested positive six days ago and is now locked in her room.

The same thing happened with 24-year-old Mónica Esparza and her three roommates, who are of similar ages. As he told this channel, everything indicates that “it’s been at work” because they haven’t had “much social life, to say nothing”, given that they are leaving “very late. work”. Thus, suspecting that her source of contagion was at work, and teleworking confined because she has mild symptoms, she does not tolerate its generalization, qualifying young people as “irresponsible”.

“We have not been irresponsible at all, and that seems to me a myth that does not always come true. There are irresponsible young people as there are irresponsible adults,” Mónica criticized. In her case, she had an extra chance because she didn’t have to be hospitalized. Unfortunately, this is the case of Sara Martín, who at 29 overcame bilateral pneumonia: “The doctor told me that I was one of the cases that worried him the most because, being so young, I ‘was powerless, pale “.

Because beware: the ages of hospitalizations are decreasing. “They enter with a lower age group,” said María Roca Toda, head of the internal medicine department at Palamós hospital; words added by Roger Paredes, head of infections at the German hospital Trias i Pujol: “There is an increase in the percentage of cases requiring hospitalization.”

Although vaccines have entered the scene and the vaccination rate in Spain continues to rise, doctors are following us, just as they continue to ask young people to be very careful. Because in the hands of everyone, regardless of their age, is that we can overcome once and for all a pandemic that affects us all equally in one way or another.

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