The Alares Foundation calls for the elimination of prejudices surrounding people with disabilities

As part of the International Disability Day celebrated on December 3

The Alares Foundation calls for the elimination of prejudices surrounding people with disabilities

Improving the quality of life of people in our country and contributing to the social and professional inclusion of people with disabilities has been the commitment of Fundacin Alares since its creation more than 15 years ago.

To date, more than 12,000 people in vulnerable situations have followed their integration, employment training and work intermediation routes and have sensitized and trained more than 75,000 people in the creation of working environments. inclusive work and equal opportunities.

Always betting on people, on the occasion of International Disability Day (celebrated on December 3), they launched a campaign aimed at eliminating prejudices and at being able to guarantee in a real and effective way the integration of these people into the workplace. society.

They wanted to take advantage of this day to travel through time and obtain comparative data taking the year 2012 of full economic crisis and 2018, a period of sustained growth, as a reference.

The following statistical data has been taken from INE (National Institute of Statistics) and DISMET (Observatory of Disability and the Labor Market in Spain) and prepared by the Alares Foundation itself. They correspond to the activity rate of disabled and non-disabled people in Spain.

In 2012, the activity rate for people with disabilities was 36.6% against 75.1% for people without disabilities. The percentage difference between the two groups was 38.5%.

In 20018, the activity rate here was 34.5% for people with disabilities against 77.5% for people without disabilities. The percentage difference between the two groups was 43%.

With these data on the table, we can see that the activity rate of people with disabilities seems to be strongly linked to the state of the economy, as if it were “a luxury item” when we are in. boom period and “something a business can do without” in an economic crisis. These data become more relevant if we take into account the serious health crisis we are going through and the uncertainty that the future generates.

Fundacin Alares is an entity promoted by Alares, a leading company in our country in the provision of care services, which has 400 talents among its staff, more than half of whom have some type of disability. The assistance services provided by Alares, which aim to improve the quality of life of people, are customers of these SMEs and large companies in our country, including IBEX35, and have more than 7 million beneficiaries in our country.

The formula is as simple as focusing on the value people and their skills give us rather than their abilities, because as in the forest that Fundacin Alares wanted to do today, people, just like trees, are different. . One and the other; some have more leaves, others are taller, shorter, their trunks straighter or more sloping.

However, these differences do not take them away from their main objective, which is none other than to oxygenate our world and this thanks to its least visible and most important part, its roots.

Like trees, what marks the diversity of each person is not our branches or our trunk but our interior, our experiences, those that define our personality, our strength, our development, our talent and our quality as a To be human.

On December 3, International Day of Persons with Disabilities, Fundacin Alares once again affirmed the importance of working for and for inclusion, equal opportunities and standardization, knowing that the important thing should always be people and this diversity. it must be seen at all times not as an obstacle, but as an opportunity to make oneself unique.

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