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It was already said that Microsoft was working on new versions of its applications. Initially this was going to be limited to Windows 10X, but now it looks like it will also happen to Windows 10. One app that had been forgotten for a long time was Alarms and Clock and now in the Dev channel it has been completely renewed .

The alarms and the clock have a completely renewed design

With rounded edges already shown, with animations when moving from one section to another and with a more visually appealing design. The new design has adapted this app very well and we show you the different improvements.

First of all, we have different maps to visualize the different alarms and timers. We are no longer limited to a single timer but we can configure several and display them in full screen. However, the same thing happens with alarms, a very visual interface to show alarms and when they will sound.

The International Clock continues to display its famous map and is perhaps the section that has changed the least compared to previous occasions. We can set different places to know the weather in each region of the world.

Finally, we have the stopwatch, which is a stopwatch. There is no room for more interpretations here, but when we mark each record it is shown to us in a simple table and ranked according to times so that we know which is the fastest or fastest lap. slow.

The important part in all of this is the renewal of this app. A statement of intent regarding the future of Windows 10 and its renewal for Sun Valley. Those at Redmond have already shown that the update will go beyond a simple facelift and do a lot more. We look forward to continuing to keep you informed of these and other improvements to Windows 10 and its apps or features.

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