The almost suicidal mission of a group of minors who try to swim to a boat bound for the peninsula from Ceuta

Three miners return to the Ceuta coast after jumping overboard in a desperate attempt to reach a boat heading for the peninsula. Volunteers are the first to come to their aid after completing a near-suicidal mission.

The current carried them to the Atlantic and they had to fight it until they could be rescued. This is not an isolated event. Like them, thousands of migrants trapped in Ceuta try to reach the peninsula by all means, either by sneaking on the ferries or by reckless actions.

A volunteer tells LaSexta how they saw the young people swimming to try to reach the boat, offering them blankets and water. “You can see the wear and tear in people’s minds, in the alcohol and drugs that appear …” he says.

Minors who, in many cases, cannot return to Morocco either. The government in Rabat is currently arming the border and erecting accordions in Tarajal and BenzĂș, the two breakwaters that connect the two countries. Controls have also been tightened and deterrent raids are carried out.

The Tarajal border will remain closed until at least June 30.

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