the amendments are unfounded

Posted: Saturday November 7, 2020 2:57 PM

The People’s Party has ensured that the European Union has Spain in its sights for some of the reforms promoted by the government. This was stated at a press conference by congressional training spokesperson Cuca Gamarra, who was very critical of the budgets which, as she criticized, wasted the effort of the Spaniards.

In this sense, he announced that they would resort to education reform or the committee to monitor fake news in Europe. The popular consider that this is an attack on freedom of expression and that it endangers the arrival of European funds. “The truth committee has raised up Europe and is endangering the 140,000 million European funds to recover us”, assured Gamarra.

For the executive, these criticisms of the PP on the budgets are without foundation. This was assured by the Minister of Finance, María Jesús Montero, who hopes that the government will be able to overcome, next week, the amendments to all the budgets which she describes as essential.

Montero called on all political forces to join and participate in “an unprecedented moment”. “We do not understand that the People’s Party prefers to continue with extended budgets from the year 2018 which are unnecessary at the time in which society lives today. And that he opposes, as he always does, in this policy of confrontation, of facade, to any initiative promoted by this government, ”denounced the Minister of Finance.

The statements come after the European Commission forecast that Spain’s gross domestic product (GDP) will collapse by 12.4% this year due to the coronavirus pandemic, a drop that worsens July 10 forecast. , 9%. , and that it will be the most important of the euro zone countries. The Community Executive’s new macroeconomic projections also reduce the expected rebound in GDP for 2021, which will be 5.4% against 6.1% calculated in summer.

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