the arrival of the vaccine lights up the end of the tunnel

Posted: Thursday December 31, 2020 5:51 PM

December 2020. The second wave seemed to be contained in Spain, but then “Black Friday” and the December long weekend arrived and the crowds followed. The proximity of the Christmas holidays raised fears that the pandemic was getting out of hand, but we saw the light at the end of the tunnel: the first vaccines.

The optimism in December began with the late opening of Isabel Zendal Hospital, Ayuso’s pandemic hospital. The controversy over its construction also reached its beginning – not its start – at the hand of the one who least expected the Madrid president: his line manager, Pablo Casado, when asked if there were any rooms. operation or not. He could not answer that, indeed, there is none.

With the numbers on the decline, the government presented its proposal for the celebration of the Christmas holidays, where the interesting thing was not the recommendations but one of the words: “close friend”.

The notion of close friend marked the public debate over the following weeks. What is a parent? Can relatives travel? Would the Autonomous Communities allow celebrations with them? Many feared it would become a drain.

But attention quickly shifted from those close to the curve: the trend was on the rise again, prompting communities to approve new restrictions and limitations, extending curfews and closing – or not – their territories.

Hope came from the vaccine. He has already done so earlier this month with Margaret Keenan and William Shakespeare, the first to be vaccinated in the UK. They are the first two people to have received the Pfizer / BioNTech vaccine, an image of hope.

It took a little longer to get to Spain, but our Maggie was Araceli Hidalgo, the first to be vaccinated in Spain, who at 96 encouraged everyone to get vaccinated against the disease.

With this image ends a year of collapsed hospitals, toilets unprotected on the front line against disease, residences filled with coffins … After so much isolation and loneliness, a portable refrigerator filled with serum has given us hope. that 2021 will be better.

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