The ASISA group created 833 jobs during the pandemic

Lavinia Sociedad Cooperativa, sole shareholder of ASISA, held its 45th Ordinary General Meeting during which it analyzed the development and results of the company and reaffirmed the axes of its strategy for the years to come. The Assembly, held under the slogan “Let us remember to walk towards the future”, reviewed the main axes of the activity of the ASISA Group during the past year, conditioned in a very significant way by the pandemic. , which has affected insurance and the healthcare sectors in which the company operates very intensely.

In this sense, since the start of the health emergency, ASISA has given up applying the clauses of its policies which exclude benefits in the event of an epidemic and has guaranteed health care to all its insureds. ASISA has treated nearly 200,000 insured for COVID-19-related problems, more than 7,000 of whom had to be admitted to one of its own centers or subsidized centers.

For its part, in the health sector, the HLA Group has played a very relevant role in the management of the pandemic and has treated more than 65,000 patients for COVID-19, many of them from public health, with whom it collaborated from the first moment. To treat these patients, the HLA Group invested more than 15 million euros in 2020 to reorganize its centers, expand intensive care units and hospitalization places and strengthen its workforce.

ASISA Group President Dr Francisco Ivorra stressed that: “In the complex, unexpected and, in a way, unknown context that the pandemic has created, the ASISA Group has risen to the challenge. From the start, we have been at the forefront of the fight against the spread of the pandemic, with three fundamental objectives: to work together to contain the disease; ensure the safety of employees; and continue to offer health coverage to all of our policyholders. This ability to be useful is not the result of chance, but the fruit of the strength of a solid group of companies, which has been able to develop vigorously in recent years, following a strategic plan as realistic as it is ambitious and endowed with a human team ”.

In this sense, the Lavinia Assembly analyzed the results of the ASISA Group’s strategic plan, which has enabled the company in recent years to grow and diversify its insurance activity; expand your own health care network; start operating in new international markets; accelerate its digital transformation; and reaffirm its social commitment and sustainable development. In 2020, the ASISA group achieved a turnover of 1,440.9 million euros, or 3.87% more than in 2019, and reached 6,097 employees (15.8% more), after creating 833 jobs during the most complicated months of the pandemic.

Growth and diversification of the insurance business

To pursue the development of this plan, ASISA will continue to support the growth and diversification of its insurance business, focused on the well-being of people. In 2020, ASISA invoiced 1,273 million euros in premiums, 4.28% more than the previous year. In the first quarter of 2021, ASISA maintained this upward trend in the branches in which it is present and invoiced a total of 329.2 million euros in premiums, which is 3.3% more than in the same period. of the previous year.

ASISA will continue to develop its multi-line diversification strategy to consolidate global support for people as a benchmark through its portfolio of health, dental, life, death, accident, pet or travel insurance. Currently, ASISA and ASISA Vida already serve 2.5 million policyholders.

Development of its own health network

The growth recorded in 2020 has enabled the ASISA Group to continue to develop the second pillar of its strategy: the promotion of its own healthcare network, led by the HLA Hospital Group. In 2020, the assistance companies of the ASISA Group achieved a turnover of 461.3 million euros, i.e. 6.5% more than in 2019.

The HLA Group, the hospital network owned by the ASISA Group, has 16 hospitals, 36 multi-specialty medical centers and 41 referral units for advanced treatments, making it the largest Spanish hospital group owned by an insurer. In 2020, HLA added to its health care network the HLA La Salud Hospital in Cdiz and new medical centers in Almera (Centro de Especialidades HLA Mediterrneo), a new diagnostic center in Granada (CEDISA) and the management of ‘a new center in Lrida (Bonrea). Over the next few months, the HLA Group will continue to integrate new centers and expand its portfolio of services.

In addition, the ASISA Group has maintained its commitment to the development of specialized clinics in different areas of health (dental, ophthalmology, assisted procreation, audiology, comprehensive health care, etc.), one of the differentiating elements. of its activity and its commitment to excellence.

International presence

On the other hand, the ASISA group will continue to promote its internationalization process, with new projects that are added to those that the company maintains, among other countries, in Brazil, Mexico, Nicaragua, the Middle East. , in Italy and Portugal, where ASISA strengthened its presence with the opening of its first clinic in Lisbon and with the launch of a new health insurance.

In the coming months, ASISA Dental plans to open its first two clinics in London (UK). In addition, continue to develop the True Smile Works network in the United Arab Emirates.

Digitization process

The Lavinia Assembly also analyzed the digitization process of the ASISA group, which in 2020 will accelerate the implementation of new technological tools in order to maintain the access of its policyholders and patients to services during the pandemic. In this sense, the development of telemedicine is important, with the deployment of Asisa LIVE, a remote care system which includes, among other services, video consultations in more than twenty medical specialties; or Medical Chat, an application for mobile devices that gives policyholders 24-hour access to professionals in the most requested specialties.

This digitization process has also made it possible to strengthen the management of the mental and emotional health of its policyholders through the insurer’s Psycho-emotional Support Service, which policyholders can access when they need it through the channel. they prefer (the Chat Médecin application for mobiles, by phone or by video-consultation).

Social responsibility, sustainability and respect for the environment

Finally, the ASISA group, as part of its strategic plan, continues to develop its plan of social responsibility, sustainability and respect for the environment and its commitment to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

In the environmental field, the ASISA Group continued in 2020 to favor the use of energy from 100% renewable sources, which enabled it to stop emitting 3,153 tonnes of CO2 equivalent into the atmosphere, which would have had a social cost of approximately 1,000,000,000 565,000 euros.

In addition, the ASISA Group will continue to strengthen its social commitment, one of its most recognizable signs of identity thanks, among other initiatives, to the work carried out by the ASISA Foundation, which maintains synergies and alliances with other organizations that allow it to support an active health promotion program, contribute to the maintenance of multiple social programs and promote knowledge in collaboration with academia and research. The ASISA Foundation will continue to expand its network of university chairs, which was enriched with three new agreements in 2020 and already brings together 14 chairs in ten different universities.

Changes to Lavinia’s Board of Directors

To further develop the strategic plan, Lavinia S. Coop. renewed its Board of Directors at the Assembly, joined by Drs Jos Ramn Vicente Rull, ASISA Delegate in Toledo and Director of HLA Universitario Moncloa (Madrid) and HLA Mediterrneo (Almera), and Jos Abad, General Coordinator by Lavinia S. Coop, and ASISA delegate in Valladolid. Both replace Drs Diego Lorenzo, ASISA delegate in Murcia, and Manuel Gordn, ASISA delegate in Len, to whom Dr Francisco Ivorra, re-elected Chairman of the Board of Directors, thanked them for their commitment and work.

For her part, Dr. Antonia Solvas, ASISA delegate in Barcelona, ​​renewed her post as secretary of the Council and Dr. Luis Mayero, ASISA delegate in Madrid, and Francisco Javier Rodrguez Moragues, ASISA delegate in Cdiz, were re-elected. as members.

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