The Association for the Recovery of Historical Memory offers itself to Defense to give courses in military academies


Publication: Friday, January 15, 2021 6:01 PM

The Association for the Recovery of Historical Memory (ARMH) has proposed to the Ministry of Defense a training plan in military academies with the aim of “strengthening democratic values” within them. The information comes from a request by the platform to portfolio holder Margarita Robles after the government raised the need to promote democratic values ​​and human rights in military training.

In its drafting, the group dedicated to locating and identifying victims of repression during the civil war and the dictatorship considers this recommendation of the ministry insufficient. “We must act with force in the face of disturbing demonstrations by people linked to the army which show huge gaps in terms of democratic culture,” said ARMH president Emilio Silva.

Silva refers to the scandal carried out by retired soldiers who, through a WhatsApp group, sparked military uprisings and executions; a “purge of the reds” and “wipe out 26 million, including the children”. In this same chat, its members also indicted the feminist movement, the LGTBI collective and the Catalans. Ideas that people and associations linked to the historical memory of Spain have not ceased to denounce and condemn since they were born.

For this reason, with the aim of “emphasizing the importance of human rights in the history of our country and of a regime led by a military coup that prevented the exercise of fundamental rights for nearly of four decades “, the ARMH included in its proposal, already officially registered, the possibility of making available to the Defense all its material related to the said question.

The objective of the proposal is “to alleviate the consequences of the dictatorship” to strengthen “democratic values”

That is, reports, publications, audiovisual productions and other materials, as well as the participation of experts in the field and family members who can offer a story about what happened under the Franco regime, to be used as “didactic units in the academies of the army” with the ultimate objective “of attenuating the consequences of a dictatorship led by Francisco Franco in the face of strengthening democratic values”.

“We must put the army in front of the mirror of our history, an establishment which has been one of the great tools of repression and social control of the Franco regime,” Silva stressed in the letter to Robles. In it, the ARMH concludes: “Our society has built human rights on the basis of human rights violations, and it should not remember this when their guarantee is in jeopardy, but must strengthen a solid democratic culture in all areas of society and deep, compatible with the development of any ideology within the framework of a democracy ”.

The military cat scandal

At the beginning of December, the digital media “infoLibre” highlighted the hitherto unknown cat of “La XIX del Aire”. It was a WhatsApp group of retired senior military commanders who were encouraged to carry out yet another coup attempt, like the one carried out in 1936 and the one avoided in 1981, to carry out a “purge of the reds” . .

In that same chat, messages were revealed in which participants, in their 40s, said they preferred the Republic to have “more opportunities to rehearse the 36’s maneuvers,” or showed their desire for “another red killer comes out, but this time they didn’t. In short, we have to wipe out 26 million, including the children.” They even went so far as to say, “You have to convince yourself the fucking time that our blood does not support democracy “.

They also regretted having to “endure queer week or the queer badge in the Civil Guard emblem”. They attacked the judge who filed the 8M case, claiming that she had been “a coward with a multitude of reports denouncing barbarism” which they said represented the actions of the feminist movement during that day, shortly before the coronavirus pandemic. have a total impact in Spain. And they even wished the death of members of separatist associations: “What a shame … not to activate to divert a hot flight from Las Bárdenas towards the seat of these children of p.”.

Some messages that did not like anything in the government of Pedro Sánchez. The Prime Minister was quick to criticize the “propagation” of “messages of hatred” from the military gossip of the ex-Francoist and regretted that Franco is still “in the minds of a few” although he left the Valley of the Fallen. The Minister of Defense expressed the same line, denouncing “intolerance and illusions” expressed in this WhatsApp group on which the prosecution is already investigating.

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