The audios of the confrontation of Fernández Díaz and his former number two for Kitchen: tensions and many reproaches

“You called me a complete idiot, you called me a bastard, you called me a son of a bitch.” This is just one of the criticisms that Jorge Fernández Díaz leveled at his number two, Francisco Martínez, during the tense clash they both led on November 13 at the National Tribunal.

laSexta accessed the recording of that session, in which, at one point, the former interior minister lists the insults that, he says, Martínez directed at him for years.

“You called me miserable, with Mariano Rajoy and Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría. You called me an idiot, with different people, [el comisario Eugenio] Pino, Commissioner García Castaño, because you spoke with half of Spain ”, he slams.

Contradictory versions

During the confrontation, which the judge requested due to the contradictions between the statements of the two, the former minister maintained that the messages brought before a notary by Martínez, which they point in the Kitchen operation, were manipulated.

“I have an expert opinion which proves that it was manipulated”, he affirms, to which the former secretary of state, who maintains that Fernández Díaz was aware of the espionage plot against Luis Bárcenas, responds with irony. he is “impatient” to hear about this report.

“This was done without my cell phone and I understand that without the one you had at the time, I don’t know what the heck this expert report will have shown,” he says.

On the other hand, Martínez maintains that he knew that the driver of Bárcenas was an informant of Fernández Díaz himself. “I know that this man exists because you ask me to inform myself, it is the reality”, he assures.

He also claims he took the messages that implicate him to a notary because he saw the former minister go anonymous and point the finger at him. “I see myself not only alone, but also isolated, as if I were the man of some sinister operation”, he reproaches him.

Fernández Díaz, for his part, says he does not believe that there was an information theft operation in Bárcenas. “Unless there is evidence to the contrary, I don’t think this has happened,” he said.

In addition, both are involved in the way the former minister wrote the messages: Fernández Díaz alludes, to show that he did not write them, to one with the word “remained” written with “k”. “I don’t write with ‘k’,” he denies, to which his former number two replies that he saved Cañizares with “k”.

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