The Balearic Islands entered the UK’s green list from today after a slight upturn in cases due to the Palma macro epidemic


Update: Wednesday June 30, 2021 1:30 p.m.

Posted: 30.06.2021 13:28

Since Wednesday, the Balearic Islands have entered the United Kingdom’s “green list”, so it is a safe destination for the British, who will no longer be obliged to quarantine 10 days upon their return to their country.

However, it is a boost for tourism in the region which is subject to certain requirements. As the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez reported, all British tourists visiting the islands must present either a negative PCR or a vaccination certificate.

A fact which, in turn, grows in importance with the conditions that have been set by the British Healthcare itself: the Balearic Islands, in fact, are on the green list, but under a label of “vigilance”. That is, that destination’s rating could be downgraded to orange – where tourists are required to quarantine and pay for three coronavirus tests, one before boarding the plane and two more on arrival in the UK, if the epidemiological situation worsens.

Are the Balearics a risky destination?

The macro-epidemic that started on the island of Palma, which is already causing more than 1,500 infections both in the Balearic Islands and in different parts of the peninsula, has caused great concern among the authorities. However, the most affected region has been Madrid, where more than 650 positive cases have been reported for another problem. Figures that are far from the impact that the epidemic would have had in the Balearic Islands, where 68 infections have been reported.

Given this, in terms of cumulative impact, the islands continue to be out of risk. The latest data from the Ministry of Health indicate that it is not one of the most affected regions (its current 14-day AI is 79.64 cases per 100,000 inhabitants). Now, looking at the short-term development, there is a slight upturn in cases, which places autonomy with the third highest incidence increase in the last day, as shown in following graphic:

Compared to data from the last 24 hours, the Balearic Islands have increased their incidence by almost 10 points, only behind Catalonia and Cantabria, respectively. A fact that was also carried over into daily cases, albeit with a sharp reduction in cases between June 28 (when 298 cases were reported) and June 29 (152 cases).

This is a particularly noticeable increase if we go there just two weeks ago, when the region reported just 33 infections on Tuesday, June 15. In any case, it is worth noting the incidence and the fact that the increase in recent days should not be a trend.

For this reason, despite the fact that the archipelago is under surveillance, so far the infections have been national, and for the moment the increase has not been attributed to the international arrival. For its part, the United Kingdom will continue to assess the epidemiological situation. But for now nothing has changed: tourists can travel to the Balearic Islands and do not have to quarantine themselves on their return home.

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