The Balearic Islands will require a PCR or vaccination certificate for tourist groups over 20 people

Posted: Monday June 28, 2021 1:57 PM

The government approved on Monday a new regulation for organized trips to the Balearic Islands, after the macro-epidemic of study trips, which will require all groups of more than 20 people to have a negative PCR done 48 hours before arriving. or to have the complete immunization schedule. From this measure approved by the Council of Government, groups that attend events, congresses and sports competitions and authorized training sessions are excluded.

The new measure has been communicated and has the support of the Federation of Hotel Companies of Mallorca, CAEB, PIMEM and CCOO, and expects to have the support of the UGT, assured the vice-president of the government at a conference. press release, Juan Pedro Yllanes. In addition, the government has asked the central government to strengthen the police to prevent risky behavior in tourist areas.

The Governing Council also decided to extend the agreement on sanitary measures which was in force until July 11, so that “the restrictions are not relaxed” pending the evolution of the health situation, Yllanes said. With this decision, the restrictions which were in force “are frozen for a week”, explained the vice-president and minister of energy transition.

Yllanes announced at the same time that there will be an extraordinary Council of Government on July 9 to resolve the situation and the measures to be applied after July 11. The vice president thanked the measure announced by the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, according to which British tourists arriving in the Balearic Islands will have to be vaccinated with the full directive against the coronavirus or, failing that, they must have the results of a PCR negative.

The government had requested this screening at airports for UK nationals. Yllanes stressed the importance of maintaining the islands as a safe destination which was achieved by applying slow de-escalation.

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