The benefits of blogging, whatever your job

We tend to think of blogging as a thing of the past. That having this tool doesn’t benefit us in any particular way as professionals, no matter what industry we work in, and the truth is, we couldn’t be more wrong. A blog is a great tool for attracting attention, finding customers, building a brand, and improving our reputation. Today we are trying to squeeze some power out of this generalized thinking so that you can clearly see how there are so many benefits to starting a blog can bring you.

A course on the web

Professionally, a blog can be a powerful tool to show our work. Think that through content, we teach what we do, thus generating a personal brand that can benefit us in the future. But it is also that in addition to presenting ourselves through the contents, we can also include a special section which speaks in depth about our professional experience, a program on the Internet.

Train certain skills

It cannot be denied that there are certain skills that are essential to knowing how to sell yourself as professionals. A blog can also help you train some such as organizing ideas, the ability to synthesize or presenting ideas to others.

When we write on any subject, even if it is related to our field, there is a work of documentation and collection of ideas. Once we have all the data, we need to synthesize it so that it can be understood. Knowing how to organize the information we want to give helps us so that the reader does not get bored and finds a text that arouses interest. Therefore, blogging is a mental exercise that will gradually influence your mental capacity by helping you organize your thoughts and the way you present them.

Blog and website

A blog can help your website or online store. Keep in mind that when writing, if you want to do it in a way that positively influences your website traffic, you need to use well-known keywords, which are related to your brand or services. in general. This way you get a higher volume of searches. Obviously, your blog needs to be included in the webpage or somehow redirect the reader so that they can see your products and services in more detail.

Control what Google says about you and your business

When a customer or business contact wants to know something about you, they’ll Google you. Keep in mind that we live in an age where using social media can hurt us professionally. It is always advisable not to associate certain personal accounts with our professional domain. So when our name is searched on Google, only our professional profiles will appear, from LinkedIn to our blog.

Without a doubt, having a professional blog is the best way to control what is professionally said about us, or, at least, that the results appear with relevant content about us that can be appealing to our future clients or to professional contacts.

Sell ​​without selling

In a blog, we don’t necessarily have to sell what we do, but we can try to configure, little by little through our entries, a profile of a specialist in a subject.

We can talk about subjects related to our brand, our service or our profession without having to sell ourselves, but basically, we will only work on an e-reputation that will position us as a reference in certain areas. Sell ​​without selling. A form of selling less aggressive than another, without a doubt.

Imagine you have a house to renovate. You can create a blog where you talk about trends, decorating ideas, materials, and other related topics. These blog posts will attract the attention of people looking for ideas, but also contacts and potential customers.

A networking tool

Without a doubt, in the professional world, contacts are very important. We cannot deny that recommendations are essential for clients to trust us, but, in addition, they are also great when we want to apply for a new job. In addition, the higher the level of the position we want to access, the more relevant the recommendations and contacts we have.

Think of a blog as a tool that, in addition to everything we’ve talked about, is a window to the outside. Towards the professional world. Therefore, not only people who are interested in the topics you are dealing with will meet you. Also professionals in your sector who can become an essential interlocutor tomorrow.

A blog as a way of life

We’re not going to lie to each other, having a blog for a living is something that happens after every thousands and thousands of blogs. However, this is an option that exists.

Having a blog as a professional medium takes dedication and a really good job of positioning, but it can be a long term challenge that we can have, without a doubt. But a blog that starts out as a hobby, or with the idea of ​​sharing personal data with family and friends, can slowly turn into a blog that interests more readers. Your perspective and your way of seeing the world can lead many people to identify with you and who knows, new opportunities may emerge from this blog.

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