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Benefits of bare feet: – Doing yoga has many benefits to the body. But if you do barefoot yoga, it will bring more benefits. You can also see this by doing yogasana yourself.

People who go on a morning walk start doing yoga pranayama after seeing a clean place along the way. But during this time they wear shoes or gloves. Not good if you are also doing yoga pranayama. So you should do barefoot yoga. Because doing barefoot yoga will have many health benefits.

Now people are becoming aware of their health. Because they know that the first happiness is a healthy body. But many people do yoga pranayama just by wearing shoes or socks. While they should do this exercise barefoot. Because it brings many more benefits. Doing barefoot yoga strengthens your body and keeps you healthy.

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You will be in contact with the ground-

If you do barefoot yoga, you are in direct contact with the ground. Maintaining your balance while doing yoga. Being barefoot, you will also be able to do yoga properly. And you feel happy too.

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Energy is spread throughout the body

Doing barefoot yoga pranayama keeps your feet on the ground. Through which energy is transmitted to the body. You also feel relaxed.

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The legs are strong

Doing barefoot yoga pranayama strengthens your legs. Your body is also flexible. You can do any type of yoga and asana comfortably.

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Relieves many ailments-

Yoga pranayama gives you relief from many ailments. If you practice barefoot pranayama instead of wearing gloves, it also gets rid of problems like insomnia, headaches, discomfort, muscle tension etc. Yoga women get relief from symptoms during periods.

Helps to purify the blood

By doing barefoot yoga, electrons are spread in our body. Which together with the free radicals present in the body reduce its effect. This strengthens the immune system, as well as prevents many types of infections. Apart from this it also helps in purifying the blood.

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