The best memes of the elections in the Community of Madrid

Publication: Tuesday, May 4, 2021 8:38 PM

If there’s anything more Spanish than potato omelet or paella, it’s for humor at all times. As in the previous regional elections in Catalonia, social networks were again filled with funny montages in the form of “memes” of the Community of Madrid elections.

Because it’s always a good time to laugh, even on serious occasions like the election of the region’s new president. In the same way as in the electoral debate, where the coincidence in the jacket of Isabel Díaz Ayuso and Mónica García was commented a lot in the networks, this time it was not less and the main candidates have aroused the laughter of Internet users.

Here is a compilation of the best memes that the May 4 elections in Madrid have left us:

During the election campaign, there were many images and videos that some of the Madrid candidates have left in memory. Without a doubt, one of the most discussed is that of Edmundo Bal, number 1 of Ciudadanos, who took advantage of the day of reflection to make “run”, an act that many are used to joking.

PSOE candidate Ángel Gabilondo was also a “meme meat” in these elections. The socialist has appeared in numerous tweets being the protagonist of moments of dismissal.

If you thought Fernando Simón could not stand in an election in Madrid, you were wrong. Your most popular expression of the pandemic will be with you for a long time, also on this election day.

Yes, Star Wars Day does exist and coincides with the Madrid elections: May 4. This montage of an Internet user is a metaphor for the struggle for the presidency of the Community of Madrid, where each character is a political candidate.

Polls where they predict the resounding fall of Ciudadanos were expected to be the most ‘viral’ on Twitter. The Orange Party can go from co-governance in the Community of Madrid to disappear from the Assembly and many users have taken the opportunity to sharpen the situation.

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