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Windows 11 isn’t just a great operating system and a breath of fresh air for the classic Windows interface. It also comes with a lot of features that make it different from its predecessor and its new gaming additions are good proof of that.

Auto HDR: top quality for your favorite games

Games will look better than ever in Windows 11 thanks to Auto HDR, a feature exclusive to Windows 11. Thanks to this, games that use DirectX 11 or higher will add High Dynamic Range (HDR) enhancements where they previously didn’t. only used Standard Dynamic Range (SDR).

Source: Microsoft

HDR allows compatible games to render a much wider range of brightness and color values, giving the image a greater sense of depth and richness. This feature is now available on Xbox Series X | S and is also coming to Windows 11.

DirectStorage: Charging Speeds Comparable to X Series | S.

Microsoft imported another Xbox Series X proprietary feature | S in Windows 11: DirectStorage. With this feature, computers with the correct drivers and high-performance NVMe SSDs will be able to load compatible games faster than ever before.

DirectStorage, which will be exclusive to Windows 11, allows games to load content directly to the graphics card without “bogging down” the processor. The main consequence is that we will be able to experience very detailed renderings of the world at high speed without long loading times.

Xbox Game Pass and cloud games

Microsoft wants us to use Xbox Game Pass, either on Windows or on an Xbox. To do this, they keep adding valuable content to a subscription that has become essential for any video game lover. The joint conference with Bethesda was a big blow to the table, and titles like Halo Infinite or Age of Empires IV are yet to come.

Source: Microsofters

The Xbox app preinstalled in Windows 11 also brings integration with cloud games (xCloud). Never again will it be necessary to have a big CPU and graphics to be able to play your favorite games. All you need is a Windows PC, a compatible controller, and a good internet connection.

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